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  1. Could someone please tell me what the common name and species of this bird is?
  2. Thanks for your help. I'm looking through a book that has 500 birds in it and I'm lost! Thanks again.
  3. This guy has perched on sill outside my window for a week. It flutters up anainst the window then sits on the sill. Can you help me with identifying it and what does it feed on? Thanks for your help.
  4. Larger than a sparrow, black hood orange belly. Would appreciate your help.
  5. Thanks to all. Towhee is the correct identification. Anyone care to try to add the species to its genus: Melozone.
  6. Will have a photo later today. Most Towhees found locally have rust hues on neck area and stirations on lower wings; also they are smaller than this guy. Thanks for your help. You're probaly right. I'll confirm with a photo for you when they return.
  7. thanks, but head's too small and it's bigger: Robin sized.
  8. thanks, but head's too small and it's bigger: Robin sized.
  9. Need help identifing California bird. All buff colored, no markings. Robin size and shape, ground feeder, always in pairs.
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