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  1. Thank you. I agree with you both for Hermit Thrush. Maybe that is why it looks so much like a juvenile robin. My first thought was this is a miniature robin ?
  2. This small bird hopped into the bird feeding area this morning. I didn't recognize the markings. Size of a spotted Towhee [which it's not], or a bit smaller. Bigger as some immature Sparrow species which are foraging here. Rural backyard. Portland West, Oregon. 9/16/2022
  3. Yes, I checked. Thank you very much.
  4. Last post of the Amsterdam, Netherlands City park. Most birds there seem to be exotic and definitely non-native. Ducks. I tried to identify them, guessing from the birds in this park it might not be domestic. But no success. Any idea?
  5. City Park, Amsterdam, Netherlands I think I saw these before in a nature program but can't remember what they are.
  6. You guys are so good and helpful. Thank you. I have two more to identify, will post is soon
  7. In a city park in Amsterdam, Netherlands There are many Parakeets invading Netherlands but this looks different than most.
  8. Thank you both for the ID. Appreciate it.
  9. Seen this in Amsterdam, Holland in a city park. Turkey of some kind I think. Domestic?
  10. Thank you very much. I think it clears it up for me.
  11. Alongside the road in a wetland and a distance away in the Willamette Valley, Portland Oregon I thought it was a Harrier due to the size which is much smaller as a hawk but bigger as a Kestrel. Editing the photo, I realized it wasn't. With my research on Allaboutbirds.com, it looks like either a Prairie Falcon or a female Merlin? Of course I can cry in my soup because big lens and all, the photo is not as crisp as I would have liked.
  12. Yes, thank you. Someone else mentioned that too.
  13. This bird came to sit for a minute or two in our backyard today. Portland Oregon. My thought is that it might be a Willow Flycatcher. Any ideas?
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