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  1. Thank you to everyone for your reply. The snow has stopped and the "pioneer" is still in the same place eating his fill of seeds. Hopefully he'll figure out where to spend the night safely.
  2. That's what I thought it was but they are not supposed to be any where near me, like it is hundreds of miles out of his way. He should be in his winter range and even summer and migration ranges are no where near me.
  3. I cannot identify this bird. It looks like a juvenile male rosy grosbeak but they are not supposed to be where I am. I am in the mountains (8400 feet), pinon-juniper montane plant life, in southern Chaffee county Colorado, specifically Maysville outside of Salida. This bird appeared this morning in a snow storm, congregated at the feeder but ate seeds that the stellar jays were dropping, not going to the feeder itself. It was by itself. It was quite tame, allowing me to get within 5 feet of it and stayed while I took at least a dozen pictures. It is smaller than the jays but larger than the juncos. It did not make any noises while I was observing it. Any ideas? Thanks, Rose
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