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  1. Well said! I, of course, was kidding. It's a great deal of fun... Thanks for the help!
  2. Well, exactly. So the combination of the eye ring and slight streaking was confusing. I didn't know males could have the eye ring. But, as stated, I don't know much in this area.
  3. Thanks for the explanation - yes, should have mentioned female Yellows, as well as immatures. Sibley's illustrations don't show that eye ring well in the BOWest book, but Cornell's photos online certainly do.
  4. Two years into this hobby, it isn't getting easier - should have stayed with golf. This is surely a simple ID. Initially thought these two were Nashvilles due to the eye ring, but then the striping on the belly causes second thoughts. And the heads seemingly aren't grey enough? Yet the color and bill seem to rule out an immature Yellow Warbler. Seen Saturday morning in SE Marin County by the shore, north of San Rafael. Thanks in advance for the insights - this forum is a great help.
  5. Seen this morning in the shade by the shore north of San Rafael in SE Marin County. The two usual suspects at this time of year at this location would be Pac Slope and Willow. Due to the limited eye ring, pale lower mandible, peakish crown, and medium primary extensions, I would say this is a Willow? Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks for the insights. Unfortunately no other shots of this one - it was seen at Pinckney Island next door to Hilton Head if that helps.
  7. This was seen three weeks ago on the southern SC coast. Believe it is a juvenile light Red-tailed. Couldn't see the tail. It wasn't terribly close, but the size and shape also made me think perhaps it might be a red-shouldered? And it doesn't yet have the white chest of the Red-tailed. Thanks for the help.
  8. This was seen mid-day yesterday in the East SF Bay foothills of Mt Diablo foraging on the ground and then moving through a nearby tree. It could be an easy one, but I don't recognize the plain head. Perhaps an immature? Thanks for the help.
  9. Seen in late April in the way, way east SF Bay mountains, towards Paterson, CA. A basic question - is this a (female) tricolored blackbird, as opposed to redwing blackbird? I think so due to the level of streaking. But wanted to double-check. Thanks for the help.
  10. OK. We see Bullock's and Hooded in May - female Hooded would seem to fit, incl the less pronounced wingbars.
  11. This bird was seen the first week of last May in the SF East Bay suburbs near Mt Diablo. It flew in solo, rummaged through this buckeye, and then quickly flew off. Hard to see in the poor photo, but it seemed more elongated than a usual warbler and didn't have the heavy wingbars of a lesser or american goldfinch. Didn't make a sound. Any thoughts on other potentials? Not much to go on, I know. Thanks for the help.
  12. This was seen Sunday in Southern Texas on the Gulf. Seems a bit different than the many Clapper Rails seen that day, with less gray on the cheek, darker cap and redder neck. Is this a King or Clapper Rail? Thanks for the help.
  13. These two birds were seen in the marsh on Galveston Island on Saturday. My thought were the first 3 photos were of a LeConte's Sparrow due to the stripe on the crown and the second 3 photos of the bird partially hidden were of potentially a Nelson's Sparrow. Any other thoughts? Thanks for the help.
  14. Coincidentally, now seeing the other Houston-area hawk post today, these two hawks were seen perched within 15 ft of each other this morning on Galveston Island south of Houston. But they look a bit different. Are they Broad-winged hawks? Believe it is a total of two birds, with one of the two seen soaring a few minutes later, but the soaring one may be a 3rd bird. Thanks for the insights.
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