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  1. Seen in late April in the way, way east SF Bay mountains, towards Paterson, CA. A basic question - is this a (female) tricolored blackbird, as opposed to redwing blackbird? I think so due to the level of streaking. But wanted to double-check. Thanks for the help.
  2. OK. We see Bullock's and Hooded in May - female Hooded would seem to fit, incl the less pronounced wingbars.
  3. This bird was seen the first week of last May in the SF East Bay suburbs near Mt Diablo. It flew in solo, rummaged through this buckeye, and then quickly flew off. Hard to see in the poor photo, but it seemed more elongated than a usual warbler and didn't have the heavy wingbars of a lesser or american goldfinch. Didn't make a sound. Any thoughts on other potentials? Not much to go on, I know. Thanks for the help.
  4. This was seen Sunday in Southern Texas on the Gulf. Seems a bit different than the many Clapper Rails seen that day, with less gray on the cheek, darker cap and redder neck. Is this a King or Clapper Rail? Thanks for the help.
  5. These two birds were seen in the marsh on Galveston Island on Saturday. My thought were the first 3 photos were of a LeConte's Sparrow due to the stripe on the crown and the second 3 photos of the bird partially hidden were of potentially a Nelson's Sparrow. Any other thoughts? Thanks for the help.
  6. Coincidentally, now seeing the other Houston-area hawk post today, these two hawks were seen perched within 15 ft of each other this morning on Galveston Island south of Houston. But they look a bit different. Are they Broad-winged hawks? Believe it is a total of two birds, with one of the two seen soaring a few minutes later, but the soaring one may be a 3rd bird. Thanks for the insights.
  7. It wouldn’t be spring without questions over Empidonax. The birds below were seen this weekend in Mitchell Canyon in Mt Diablo SP in the East SF Bay. At this time of year, the two suspects at this location are Pacific-Slope and Hammond’s. Unfortunately, none of these birds were singing. I’m obviously a beginner at this, but using Cin Ty Lee’s great YouTube video on identifying Empidonax flycatchers, I believe both birds are Hammond’s, primarily due to the longer primary extensions, darker/dark lower mandible, steeper forehead, and generally thinner/less tear-shaped eye ring than the local Pacific-Slope photo from 2021 I’ve also included for reference. I’ve incl 2 photos of the same bird against the blue sky, one of which shows the dark lower mandible in the sunshine, rather than the shade, as in the primary photo. The eye ring of the one not against the sky seems more like a P-S, but the lower mandible is dark. Not sure what to make of that. Other thoughts -- and reasoning? Thanks as always for the great insights.
  8. This bird was seen this morning on the north side of Mt Diablo in the East SF Bay. Seems like a Chipping Sparrow, but that would be a bit unusual at this location. A Rufous-crowned Sp would be less unusual but doesn't seem to fit the bill. These are the only pictures I have. Is it a Chipping? Thanks for the help.
  9. This was seen perched in mid-January in the east SF Bay suburbs. I assume it is a Lesser Goldfinch, but it doesn't look like our typical ones, so I figured to check. Unfortunately I didn't see its back. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help.
  10. Great find @AlexHenry! If I had known I would have given you the credit....
  11. One more from this morning in the Oakland hills in SF East Bay. Is this a female yellow-rumped warbler? The underside striping is a bit more and thicker than typically seen around here. Photos are poor, of course, and it was nearly directly overhead. Photos are lightened but not color-adjusted. Thanks for the help.
  12. Seen this morning in the hills of the east SF Bay above Oakland. Perched stationary for some time. Based on the full eye ring and the eye color, I believe this is a drab-winged Townsend's Solitaire? One has been seen at this location off and on the past week or two. Thanks for the help.
  13. You all are great - really appreciate the knowledge, help... and patience!
  14. These two hawks were seen today in the east side of the SF Bay near the water. I am guessing the first one on the power tower might be a dark Ferruginous? The first of those pictures is taken from greater distance, but it's the same bird. A follow-on guess for the second bird on the rock is a juvenile red-tailed hawk? Thanks for the help, as always.
  15. Seen Saturday late morning in a park in east SF Bay near Mt Diablo. Believe this is a Merlin, correct? It was small, so much so that I thought it was a kestrel from far away on first sight. And it was overcast, but it seems more brown than gray so wanted to check. Thanks for the insights.
  16. We were out this morning in a marsh on the shores of the East SF Bay and saw these two perched in the marsh grass. The second is a Lincoln's, correct? I don't recognize the first. Any ideas? I'm sure it's straightforward, but I have other pictures if needed. Thanks for the help.
  17. Saw these in Monterey CA on Sunday morning over the ocean. Most gulls there at this time are Western or California, but there are others, incl Heermann's. In trying to learn what we're seeing with gulls, we thought these 8 are Heermann's, with the last one being a first winter. Other thoughts? Thanks for the education.
  18. These 5 loons were seen this morning at Pt Pinos in Monterey. It's possible that 2 and 3 are the same bird, seen in similar location 20 min apart. Looking at mostly the bill size, I would guess the first three are Common, the fourth is Pacific and the fifth is not able to be determined? But the bill is being held horizontally, not tilted up, for those first three and also the back of the first one is dark, so perhaps those first three are Pacific, as well. Thoughts? Appreciate the help.
  19. These two birds come from this morning seawatching at Pt Pinos in Monterey, CA. Needless to say, there are 3 photos of the first and 1 of the second. They are not the same bird, taken maybe 45 min apart at same location. Both heading outbound around 1030-1130am. This is likely straightforward, but any ideas? (Will post another question from this morning on loons separately.) Thanks for the help, as always.
  20. Saw these this morning 10 min and 400 yds apart in Martinez, CA, which is in NE SF Bay. Could readily be the same bird. I would think this is a female Common Goldeneye. A few others were around. But the head shape (not triangular), neck and perhaps the slope of the bill seem different in this one. Not sure what to make of it. Thanks as usual for the help.
  21. Seen today in overcast SF East Bay SE of Mt Diablo. Is this a Prairie or Peregrine? I've read up but hate to hazard a guess. Thanks for the help.
  22. Seen from several hundred yds away in an overcast SF Bay today. Photos are poor. Is this a female white-winged scoter? Seen with a few scattered surf scoters and scaup widely spread. Thanks for the help.
  23. @AlexHenry - Very helpful, Alex and all. Thanks. Enjoy the holiday.
  24. Seen this morning in NE SF Bay. Is this a hybrid Eur / Am Wigeon? The small green patch on the head is confusing. Seen floating by shore of a small marsh with flock of American Wigeon. Thanks for the help.
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