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  1. I get up early too and I'm happy to see the choice early. I have seen thousands of these birds but I rarely even try to photograph them. In other words very limited options. I like this one because they are younguns and it has a bonus species.
  2. Ferruginous for sure. Saw them frequently in Colorado. Florida Doesn't get them so I miss them.
  3. A very common winter duck in Colorado.Colorado has some year round. We get them here in Florida too but not nearly as many. This is my favorite from Colorado:
  4. I have had the pleasure of seeing them both in Colorado and Florida. This one is from Florida where they winter in large numbers judging by the number we feed in our backyard.
  5. Having spent most of my life in land locked Colorado there weren't any opportunities to see Whales. Took a little over 4 years to finally see one in Florida. My very first whale of any kind. Humpback Whale Loving it!!!
  6. I have both in Florida but definitely got Great Crested first. Ash throated are pretty rare. But, that said stranger things have happened.
  7. I hope you are having a great time and seeing some good birds. Welcome to Florida!
  8. My first photo was the Laughing Gulls which I generally ignore but the one has an orange tipped bill that is unusual. The Rusty Blackbird came a few photos later and I think may be my best of the species to date. The 3rd photo is the first Florida bird of the year.
  9. Don't know where you are but while living in Colorado I use to love birding in the snow. I often found birds out on the sides of the roads avoiding the deeper snow in the grass... Things like Horned Larks and Lapland Longspurs. Spring time snow days were even better when you could get migrating Mountain Bluebirds, American Pipits and others. Take a drive in the country or through a park and watch the road in front of you. Be careful of course.
  10. My husband and I went to our favorite Sunday birding hotspot and came out with 46 species. Not bad for one location. The place we visited is an office warehouse complex with several retention ponds and it is always good birding. With winter being one of the best times of the year to bird there. You have to love Florida for winter birds but there were also a number of turtles out sunning themselves. They were out I'm guessing warming themselves after a recent cold snap that brought below freezing temperatures. We added 3 more at home for a day total of 49.
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