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  1. I'm not very familiar with Craig CO but I am with much of the State and I have seen a ton of Great-horned Owls. I cannot recall having seen any this dark. I have seen very light and intermediate. Cool Owl! Two intermediates and a light below given as examples of what I have seen. It would be interesting to learn if the dark are the more common in the Craig area.
  2. Wow Interesting looking bug. It kind of brings to mind a praying mantis with the front legs folded up in the first photo. Very cool.
  3. Tried the incandescent bulb earlier this month 3 days in a row for about an hour just after dark and a couple hours early in the morning while it was still dark. We didn't attract much in the way of moths. We did manage to attract several of what looked like termites😬 Thankfully (I guess) most of the house is cinder block. The few moths we did get I wasn't able to get good photos of with my camera. All that zoom wasted on things that are already close. I did post below a couple of bugs that I thought were pretty cool. Both super tiny. No more than a speck on the sheet with the naked eye.
  4. Thank you good information.
  5. Another turtle saved from being run over by a car. I'm pretty sure this is a baby Common Snapping Turtle. @Seanbirdsam I correct?
  6. You are indeed brave sir. I have no problem dodging traffic to save a turtle but a man under these circumstances I have to admit I would be afraid. I did something similar with fishing line once though I did not need to stand on a truck. Someone had wound a ton of fishing line around some bushes that I removed. It wasn't easy. It was tangled in the bush and there was so much of it. I spent an hour removing it all.
  7. 😮 I wish we had this as an option! Both photos are WOW!
  8. I have no idea regarding species id but I do know there are a bunch of different fungi growing in Florida. Here are just a few.
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