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  1. Tundra swan is most likely for both birds. Trumpeter Swans are very rare in Colorado. Both your birds seem to be the same size. Trumpeter Swans and even Mute Swans are much larger than Tundra Swans so if you had two different species in your photos in would be evident. Mute can be ruled out by the shape of the bill. If you had any other photos with a different angle on the head it would be helpful for making a positive id.
  2. Bouncing around from ebird to my own photos today and I came across this one flagged as unconfirmed. So what gull is it? Photo taken 11-20-16 in Arapahoe County, Colorado.
  3. I could probably send the site into a melt down with horrible photos used to either confirm an id for myself once home plus I have a number used for ebird rare bird confirmation. Here is my most recent example which was poor because of rain and lens fogging:
  4. Thank you! There is a kind of cool (to me any way) story behind the photo. It is a moment in time I will never forget. I have several of those related to birding. Such a cool hobby!
  5. Robber Fly-Laphystia litoralis-with prey! Tiny for a Robber Fly so look close to see the prey.
  6. You might try shaking a Juniper tree. They can go unnoticed unless they move. Or so I read. I haven't seen one yet myself.
  7. I like 2 best. If both birds were in focus on one I would like it best too.
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