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  1. St. Mark's NWR in the panhandle of Florida. They are rare in the USA but this one has been at this location since before we moved here 5 years ago.
  2. ebird lumps audio with photos and simply calls it media. I have no problem with sound in this thread or the general topic for that matter. Both sound and sight help us understand birds and birding.
  3. Seen the same day in Gainesville, FL and the only photo I have which is horrible of a Vaux's Swift. Also rare in Florida though they do like to winter at this location every year. Winter 2021 there were 11 of them. They move super fast dive into the chimney at dusk and don't come out again until morning.
  4. Getting some mileage out of the Yellow-headed Blackbird today. Rare in Florida.
  5. My best of a Yellow-headed Blackbird in Florida. As mentioned above it is the only one I have seen in Florida.
  6. Overflow from this weeks best or favorite species. Funny I really liked the one I choose for the actual topic but when I post it on Whatbird it isn't nearly as a nice a shot. Any way here is another from the same day at Cherry Creek State Park in Colorado in April 2018. A time when they pass through often in large numbers. I have only seen one since moving to Florida.
  7. From yesterday Clay County, FL. My favorite Woodpecker
  8. I thought we may have done this recently but questioned my own memory.
  9. Trumpeter Swan and Tundra Swan both photos is Colorado. Neither are good photos. I might have better of the Tundra somewhere but I like the one I chose as a favorite as I saw 10 Tundra Swans that day all at once. Very cool to see so many at once. Trumpeter this is probably the best I have as they were always too far away to get a good photo. I have seen Mute swans in the wild but they are all considered Exotic escapee by ebird so I didn't post one here. If memory serves the Trumpeter Swans in this picture were very controversial at the time some thinking Tundra others thinking Trumpeter. Eventually they were formally ruled Trumpeter.
  10. Snow Bunting Colorado-11-2016
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