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  1. What sparrow is this? I was thinking a Song Sparrow but upon further examination I'm not sure. Taken near Gainesville, FL a few days ago. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the confirmation. I'm new to Florida and still adjusting to the different birds here.
  3. I think this is a Downy. The beak is too short in comparison to the head to be a Hairy. Plus it does not have the pronounced shoulder spur of black coming from between the neck and shoulder on to the chest that would indicate Hairy. The head is also quite rounded like a Downy where the Hairy's would be more elongated. It is a Downy.
  4. I'm hoping for a little id help on this warbler. I know what I think it maybe but I'm far from certain. Photo was taken 10-27-18 in Northeast Florida. Thank you!
  5. Howdy, So I have recently moved to Florida from Colorado. In our new backyard got a couple of bad photos of what I think is a non-breeding male Scarlet Tanager. The ebird administrator thinks it is a Western Tanager. Additionally, this bird as a low black and white necklace which is probably molt or an injury. If you have any other suggestions what this anomaly is please let me know. Scarlet or Western Tanager that is the question? Thanks!
  6. Does this mean you can't help? I do have other photos at different angels.
  7. Hi, Flycatchers I have birding a long time and they still all look so much alike to me. I'm hoping for some help on this one taken 9-15-18 in NE Colorado. Thank in advance! https://imgur.com/a/4Pe5csJ
  8. Hi All, This little guy showed up in my backyard this morning in SE Aurora, Colorado. I want to say it is a young Brewer's but I have never seen one in my backyard before. Plus it seemed too small for a sparrow. It seemed more the size of a Siskin. Thanks for the help. https://imgur.com/a/it4xn2n
  9. Is this by any chance a juvenile Neotropic Cormorant. I took this photo yesterday at Cherry Creek State Park in Colorado and thought it was a Double-crested Cormorant. Looking at the photo though has made me think it might be a NeoTropic.https://imgur.com/a/HqGw7Qe
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