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  1. Check ebird for timing! Then scrutinize every group of gulls and individual gulls you see. Use your scope if you have one and need to.
  2. Okay I will try to remember how-do a region or hotspot search in Explore type in the region say your county or neighboring counties or the exact name of a ebird hotspot. Under Overview on the left there should be an illustrated list. Click on that. There you will find the photos, audio and frequency graphs for your search. Click on individual photos you can see where they were taken...You can narrow your search also at the top by species. I'm going by memory here (which doesn't always work well) so play around.
  3. Dang I'm sorry I did not see this sooner! I would have been happy to direct you to some good birding spots in North Florida. Sorry to hear about brother and wife. Both horrible diagnosis'. Tough being a caregiver and finding time to get away to bird. I wish you had done @Clip so I would have seen this. Any way I hope you had a bit of time to bird and take time for yourself. Please if you travel this way again do the @Clip so I see it. Best wishes to you and yours during this difficult time.
  4. Jealous! I don't have this bird yet!
  5. And ducks and geese! I image Kansas is similar to Colorado for ducks, geese and gulls in the winter. Any body of water that doesn't freeze over can attract a variety. Deep lakes that don't freeze over are good too. Lakes near landfills can be awesome for gulls.
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