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  1. I don't have a ton to choose from here but I do have some. Of course, I have seen many many more than I have photographed. I don't have any super good ones but I do have one that was a better overall shot than the one I chose but it doesn't show the Orange crown like this one. I like the orange crown.
  2. Not a lot to choose from on this one for certain.
  3. A bird I have seen in both Colorado and Florida plus in a variety of habitats including Mountains above timber line and in the Plains including lake shore and short grass plains, road side near grassy plains and tended business park lawns. Photo below above timber line Mountains.
  4. I don't think so but it was probably prepping the nest.
  5. Very few photos of this species. None good☹️
  6. Don't scroll past the first photo right away. Do you see it? Colorado's Eastern Plains do not have a lot in the way of trees and as a result Great-horned Owls will nest just about anywhere.
  7. Both good birds! I've only seen one Chihuahuan Raven in far southeast Colorado and only a handful of Roadrunners.
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