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  1. I guess I won this one so okay here you go. Have fun!
  2. Happy Birthday to both @Bird Brain and @lonestranger!
  3. Awww! But, bill length isn't the only factor LBDO are also larger over all as you can see in my example.
  4. Cool thanks! I didn't blame Nikon for the trouble with my camera either but I sent it in for repair and within days it had the same problem. When I sent it back in they said the camera had other problems and they wouldn't fix the one without fixing the others so it's wasn't covered under 90 repair warranty..... There is more to the story but I won't bore you with it. Thanks for letting me know about your P900. Looking forward to your report on the P1000.
  5. The bill length in (Florida) Short-billed Dowitcher based on my experience in the field, seeing large groups at a time, varies very little for one. Same with Long-billed in Colorado. And when you get lucky enough to see the two species together the difference is subtle yet obvious to a birder even with not a lot experience.
  6. Not trying to start trouble but do you have a source for this? Sorry I've never been very good at just taking peoples word for something especially when my experience differs.
  7. How was your P900? Right now I have a Coolpix B700 and I have a few problems with it even as a new camera. It zooms too slow for one. The color of say a flower isn't always accurate. It is some times difficult to get it to focus on a bird on a fence with a grassy back ground for example but other situations also. Nikon's repair service is terrible. I would love to not get a Nikon next round but Canon has most of the same issues except the slow zoom plus the image stabilization is terrible compared to Nikon. Did they achieve improvements with P900 do you think? The P1000?
  8. Death not necessary for an ant party. Poor caterpillar was being eaten alive by 100s of tiny ants with fire ants racing toward it.
  9. What was your old camera by the way? Did you look into getting it fixed?
  10. These look like long billed to me. Except the one with it's bill all the way in the water which makes it harder to tell. I see short-billed in some of your other photos. So you have a mix of both species. If it was my ebird list I would try to estimate how many of each and list them both separately. But, I tend to be a rebel.
  11. Likes and thanks are my favorite too but I also love making people laugh. Laughter is a great thing.
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