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  1. Not all of the other things we see are pleasant. Thankfully, this deer seemed perfectly healthy even with all the opportunists suck out it's blood. I have heard this is not always the case. At least I believe these are ticks and/or mites.
  2. Thanks! Who knew! Here I am at over 60 years old, not a good swimmer and I'm taking pictures of fish, manatee and birds underwater. Feeling blessed!
  3. And I'm saving a ton of money not having to buy field guides. Plus there is a bunch information contained in iNaturalist about each species World Wide. Plus you are helping the scientific community with every post.
  4. This is what I love so much about iNaturalist. It would take me years to figure out all my id's, of bugs and plants and fish and ...., the old fashion way. And then only if I nailed myself to the chair and stopped going out nature watching. Where is the fun in that!? I tried a few other sights like BAMONA and Bugguide but they are so slow. And Bugguide I never found user friendly. I have made so much progress in getting things ided in the short time I have been on, it is Amazing.
  5. Most of the time it is easy to get confirmation for birds. The photo is excepted no matter what but it won't go to research grade if it isn't 2nded. I would 2nd his but I'm not sure it isn't a Blue Grosbeak female.
  6. Swimming with manatee😆Loving it! If you ever get the chance to do this go for it! We had so much fun! This young manatee was as curious about us as we were of her. Keep in mind this camera doesn't zoom so this is just how close it was when the photo was taken. It proceed to come give me kisses, nibble on my ear and then pull my hair. What a blast!!!!!!!!! Behind the manatee is my granddaughter and our guide.
  7. I have only seen a handful of these all in Colorado. Florida where I live now does get them but they are rare and only passing through. I haven't seen one here yet.
  8. No, but it was just a youngster so the bite out of me wouldn't be too big. 😁 On a more serious note-I actually make it point not to touch any of the creatures I photograph. I don't know enough about some like insects to know which are harmful and which aren't. Of course, gators always that potential especially if you don't know what you are doing. Which I wouldn't! Plus it just impolite. I have from time to time saved turtles and snakes crossing busy roads and giving them a lift. The snakes I have saved I knew well. I wish they would all have the same courtesy and not touch me. But, NO the damn bugs bite me all the time.
  9. That is good! This is the 2nd Nikon I have had where the screen stopped working. I haven't ever had the audio stop working before. I wonder humidity plays a roll?
  10. @Kevin - how is your p1000 holding up? This is the least abused camera I have ever had and the screen stop working months ago any way. Thankfully, I don't use it much any way. Recently, I have no sound on video. Are you having any problems?
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