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  1. The Red-headed Woodpecker is my favorite woodpecker and I have been lucky to live in two States that have them as residence. The one below is from Florida and is from a place in Baker County, we go to fairly often if for no other reason than to get our Red-headed Woodpecker fix. Once in awhile we see Red-cockaded Woodpeckers there too. I have only seen an Acorn Woodpecker in one place in Colorado and then only went there a few times as it was not close to home. I did manage a few decent shots of the bird.
  2. Interesting iridescent speckles.
  3. Tumblebug-Scarabaeidae Canthon sp & Sphaeroceridae Fly sp. on the Tumble Bug
  4. Metric Paper Wasp (Polistes metricus)-there is no shortage of Wasps in Florida.
  5. Fine-backed Red Paper Wasp (Polistes carolina)
  6. Four-toothed Mason Wasp (Monobia quadridens)
  7. They are uncommon in South Florida but there is one area in Monroe County where they get reported often. We went by the area but didn't stop to bird. The one bad thing about vacationing with our granddaughter. She is not into birds so our time gets spent mostly keeping her entertained.
  8. Braconids-Atanycolus sp.
  9. @chipperatl-excellent close up photos!
  10. I have seen 3 different species of Kite and have photos of all of them so the choice came down to this one because no one else had posted Snail Kite yet. @Johnd I'm jealous of your White-tailed Kite. I don't have it yet. Was hoping to find one last week while in south Florida alas is was not to be.
  11. Another one where it is very difficult to pick just one! Like with the Red-tailed Hawk prior Great-horned Owls were abundant in Colorado and easy to find. I have photos of both the lighter Taiga and the more intermediate Eastern variations. I have photos of young ones ranging from still in the nest to almost independent. I choose this one because it is a good photo but all a great memory for me. As for Florida where I live now they maybe abundant but they are not easy to find as there is just way too darn much vegetation. I have seen them but very few and far between.
  12. This is definitely one where it is super difficult to post just one photo. Having lived in Colorado for a number of years while a birder I saw sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many Red-tailed Hawks. Colorado had all the variations too, Harlan's, Dark morph, Light morph, Krieders plus a leucistic one. Winter especially was good for Red-tailed Hawks. Yes, they have them year round in Colorado but many more would just spend the winter. I have photos of all these and some of babies. I actually had a nesting pair I kept an eye on for years as they nested in the same location every year. One year their nest blew down and I thought for sure they would not return as we all know they do not build their own nests. But, the pair I speak of did return at least to the same stand of trees. Yep we have them here in Florida too but not nearly as a abundant as they are in Colorado. I don't think they even match Colorado's summer population. I didn't look to see for sure but I think the photo below came from near DIA which was a superb area in the winter for finding Hawks, Eagles and Falcons.
  13. Rub a dub dub-I have very few photos of this abundant bird species. None are good photos.
  14. I don't have a ton to choose from here but I do have some. Of course, I have seen many many more than I have photographed. I don't have any super good ones but I do have one that was a better overall shot than the one I chose but it doesn't show the Orange crown like this one. I like the orange crown.
  15. Not a lot to choose from on this one for certain.
  16. A bird I have seen in both Colorado and Florida plus in a variety of habitats including Mountains above timber line and in the Plains including lake shore and short grass plains, road side near grassy plains and tended business park lawns. Photo below above timber line Mountains.
  17. I don't think so but it was probably prepping the nest.
  18. Very few photos of this species. None good☹️
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