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  1. Common Gallinule and American Coot
  2. I thought of two more things. It is probably too late but for future. A lens cloth and something to protect your camera from rain separate from your rain poncho. Rain ponchos are great for you but make your camera difficult to get to to use.
  3. Mourning Dove & White-winged Dove
  4. I don't even no why you would say this. Of course, I'm open to the feedback. But, it does not mean I can't share what I was thinking and why. And it doesn't mean you or I are correct. This is a tough call.
  5. I have seen 100s of Palm Warblers and I ruled it out. No yellow under tail for one thing. I was thinking Swainson's Warbler which are similar at least in the books. One was seen by another excellent birder in the same area in the same time frame.
  6. I have seen this species very few times. Four times I think, 3 in Colorado and once in Florida. Thus I have few photos but still the choice was tough as I have one really good old photo and one good more recent. I went with the more recent.
  7. I know what I hope this is but I'm am very uncertain as part of the face is covered by vegetation and I have never seen one before if it is what I hope. The parts of the bird that show well aren't very distinct either. No other species comes to mind that it might be so here I am asking what is this LBJ? Duval County (NE) Florida 9-21-2023.
  8. Welcome to the world of birding. I have had similar experiences multiple times but then I have also had times when I didn't even get out the car before spotting the bird I was chasing. Unlike many birders though I enjoy the adventure whether I find my target bird or not. The target bird gives me a reason to leave my comfort zone, get out there and explore. I'm never disappointed because there is always something to see. Birds, mammals, bugs, plants, fish all bring me joy.
  9. Extra memory card perhaps, sunscreen the only two things I can think of. Except maybe one of those backpack chairs that fold up tiny in case you need a break. Maybe some tissues. Pocket knife and flash light if you are going until dark. Often the organizers have suggestions what to bring.
  10. Savannah Sparrow and Grasshopper Sparrow
  11. An abundant bird in Colorado in the summer. I saw them often there and have seem a few in the winter here in Florida. I don't have an abundance of photos of them though.
  12. Lots to choose from with Cooper's Hawk both old and new and in Colorado and Florida. Have young and adult. I ended up with an old photo from Colorado dating back 2014. This one brings back some fond memories when I used to spend a lot time at an off leash dog park. My dogs had a great time and I always carried my camera just in case I saw any birds. I often did but one thing you never saw there rabbits and squirrels. I believe this young Cooper's was just about finished eating a pigeon.
  13. A frog the size of a speck. The only reason I didn't write it off as a speck of debris is because I saw it move. Then saw it move again when a tiny ant approached it. I believe this is a Greenhouse Frog, not confirmed yet on iNat, not native to Florida. Apparently, this tiny frog goes through it's tadpole stage in the egg prior to hatching. Thee ggs are not laid in water but moist soil under wood or other objects. Found this little thing on our backyard patio.
  14. My flower photo got photo bombed by a Green Lynx Spider. I never saw it until looking at the photo at home.
  15. 2 Snow Geese plus a couple of bonus species. This is definitely a favorite as on this same day I also found a Brant which are pretty rare in Colorado. I wish it was in the shot too. I found the Brant in November of 2017 and birders flocked to see it. It remained all winter so January of 2018 birders again flocked to see it, to get on their 2018 year list. Super fun day. I enjoy chasing rare birds other people found but it is even more special when you find a rare bird on your own. This is a pretty good comparison photo too.
  16. Until next year or the year after when they make them E & W again. Just like Pacific and Cordilleran were one once upon a time. Then two and now apparently one again. Almost seems like they go out their way to make things complicated. My aim is to have fun you guys can have the minutia.
  17. Western Flycatchers Cordilleran Flycatcher & Pacific Slope Flycatcher The Pacific found in Florida (very rare) but confirmed by the FORSC. This confirmation has been challenged but so far nothing has come of that challenge that I am aware of. I have no Chihuahuan Meadowlark but of course do have both of the very similar Eastern and Western Meadowlark. Chihuahuan I believe has only been separated out recently. So not certain if okay to post E & W Meadowlark. Not sure where CS is going with American Goshawk but here is a Northern Goshawk.
  18. I have had the pleasure of seeing both species. The Loggerhead in both Colorado (summer) and in Florida (year round) and the Northern Shrike in Colorado (winter). I have a ton of photos of Loggerhead, not so many of Northern but some.
  19. Perched White-winged Doves have very visible white forward facing wing edges. Like this:
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