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  1. I agree with @Jerry Friedman. The size of this ducks bill is consistent with Barrow's. The front of the head isn't sloped like that of Common. It is almost straight up and down. A few of my photos I used to help formulate my opinion below. The first photo shows really well the slope of the head and larger size of the bill on the Common Goldeneye. Yes it is a male but the female is consistent in bill size and head shape. 2nd female Common even though the bill is mostly yellow it shows the size of the bill and slope of the head. Last male Barrows. Ooops reverse 2 and 3 sorry.
  2. Ran across this old photo today and although it isn't a great photo it does show pretty well the variations in Forster's Terns.
  3. Gosh I have so many Swainson's Hawk photos, none award winning. The last one while it might not be the best it is still my favorite. Dates back to 2013. I love the way the adult seems to be puffing out it's chest proud as it watches one of it's young with what might be it's first catch. I like that you can see the snake in the talons of the youngster.
  4. @Aidan B I bet you were hoping I'd forget you are the go to fish person here on Whatbird.com. 😊 I have some fish photos. I know next to nothing about fish but they are cool to find and I have found quite a few here in Florida. Can you help me get some of them ided? As you can imagine photographing them can be a bit of challenge. So I perfectly understand if they are not identifiable. Any way here is the first species I hoping you can help with. The photo was taken May 2021 in a pond in the Florida Keys.
  5. I think this is an anomaly from camera or lighting, fog, mist...or the bird stuck it's head into something that hasn't come off..not a sign of of hybrid or even a morph.
  6. It is January here in north Florida and it has been chilly but there are still a few butterflies to be seen. Common Buckeye and Monarch from today.
  7. Brown-headed Nuthatch-not always easy to get a photo of but always easy to id by ear as they sound just like a dog's squeaky toy.
  8. Great Blue Heron (Great White)-I understand these are common in the Florida Keys.
  9. About all I can contribute to this discussion is a couple of photos of a White morph Reddish Egret. I have one of White Great Blue Heron around somewhere too. It is proving harder to find. I will post when I do.
  10. I think you got this backwards. Little Blue are light as juveniles and dark as adults.
  11. I had the pleasure of hearing one once in Weld County Colorado. I never did find that one but the sound is very distinct. I have seen several now but at that time I think I had only seen one.
  12. Sunset August 2015 @ Jackson Lake State in NE Colorado.
  13. @Liammay have answers for this. I have wondered about this as well.
  14. Yep! I have seen this many times. It works well for rabbits with domestic dogs for sure. Not sure if it works with Coyotes or Foxes. I haven't seen that in action. I see the birds at feeders do this when there is a hawk in the vicinity. They even remain frozen well after the hawk leaves. Works well for birds with bird watchers too. 😁
  15. I'm hoping to combine electric bicycling with birding. I have seen many Disc Golf course within birding hotspots so this is a great idea.
  16. I have to thank you again for this! Everything I had done to date sewing wise had been something flat. So cube mathematics had not played a part. Since it has been decades since I took any math classes and I didn't use geometry...much in my adult life I had completely forgotten this. You not only solved my problem but refreshed memory. My husband and I both felt like DUH as soon as we read your message.
  17. It can be tailored to you and your budget/time/resources/abilities. It is what I love about the hobby. You can spend as much or as little as you decide on optics and travel etc. You can spend as much time as your life style allows. Everything from backyard birders to world travelers, to people who bird only with the naked eye and ear to people you spend tens of thousands on binoculars and cameras. Even folks with disabilities enjoy this hobby. No matter what though there is joy to be had in this hobby.
  18. Clip

    Christmas Card-188.jpg

    Unless your bird is not in North America it is a Great Blue Heron. Giving the location is Always helpful. As for the "not exactly" in your comment, you do have to consider individual variations even within a single species.
  19. I ended up getting to my pouch this morning after all. We were suppose to go test ride electric bikes to see how my back holds up long distance. If I do okay we might buy a couple. But it was too chilly. Any way here is the finished pouched.
  20. I see! It is more complicated than that but this helps! Here is the youtube video I used:
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