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  1. This weeks species of the week overflow-young, breeding plumage and non-breeding plumage.
  2. Meet the smallest snake in the world: Brahminy Blindsnake I found this one at my stepsons home in Citrus County, FL. It is an invasive species native to Africa or Asia. It is non-venomous. They are also asexual with all of them being female. This one appeared to be wrestling with whatever that is on the end of it. When we came back to the house several hours later the snake appeared to dead. I think it tried to eat whatever that is but it was to big and it choked to death.
  3. All time favorite photo. I just love how it looks like a black and white photo when it isn't. I have again had the pleasure of seeing these birds in both Colorado and Florida. Florida only in non-breeding plumage like the birds below. The birds below were actually seen in Kansas at Quivira NWR.
  4. Still my favorite of just this species which dates back to 2014 at Aurora Reservoir in Colorado. We have them in Florida too but not nearly as many I don't think and I have yet to see any landed. So I have no photos of this species here in Florida. I have an all time favorite with this species and others I will post in overflow. It is also old and from Colorado.
  5. I'm thinking maybe a Least Tern but it is hard to say for certain.
  6. I thought I would revive this thread as we have new folks here on Whatbird.com who might want to pipe in. Here are a couple of my latest craft projects. Cheap, easy and fun to put together. Thinking of making at least one for all the Holidays. Since starting this thread I have taken up snorkeling. Who new at plus 60 and not being a very good swimmer I would fall in love with snorkeling. I don't recall if I mentioned my husband and I taking up kayaking in the thread but we have done some of that too since retiring in 2018. When I first started this thread I wasn't active on iNaturalist but I am now. I know several other people here on Whatbird.com are too. Loving it there as there is more to life than birds.
  7. Probably should have posted one of these in best or favorite but since it is only a small portion of the bird I decided to post them here instead. Better photos though than what I posted in best or favorite.
  8. Wonderful noisy birds. Often hear them before I see them.
  9. I have not seen many of these as they are rare in my portion of Florida though this photo happens to be from my backyard. (You have to love when rare birds show up in your own yard) South Florida they are easier to find. They were also rare in Colorado where I lived previously. This is close to a best for me for certain but I picked it more because it is a favorite. It's in my backyard and it's a two-fer. Two dove species one photo.
  10. While not the best pictures I like these because of the other species seen with the Black-necked Stilts.
  11. One of my favorite birds! What's not to love about long skinny hot pink legs. I have seen this bird many times in both Colorado and Florida but got it as a life bird on a short vacation in Utah. It was my husband and I's first vacation in 13 years after starting our own business. Got the life bird in 2012 remember posting some of the birds here on Whatbird after that trip. I have few other photos that aren't necessarily good photos but are favorites I will post in overflow.
  12. Quite a few to choose from but none particularly good. I don't have any recent ones either. Saw them frequently in Colorado, in the winter near DIA, when I lived in the State. Sadly, they don't call any part of Florida home at any time of the year which is where I am now. I choose this one because the area where the photo was taken was a great winter birding area for falcons, hawks and eagles. Good memories.
  13. I have only photographed one in Colorado back in 2016.
  14. A few from last Sundays pick in Best or Favorite.
  15. Spent Mother's Day on the Gulf Coast with family. Did a bit of snorkeling in low tide near a key. This Polka dot-Batfish was found by a young man about 10 yrs. old and pointed out to me. This fish can walk on land I'm told. Super cool find. This snorkeling with an underwater camera thing is so fun. I can't wait to get back out there.
  16. I have a ton of good photos of this species as they can be found in both of the States I have birded the most Colorado and Florida. This makes for a very tough choice so instead of going with the best I decided to go with different. I don't think anyone else posted any juveniles so that it is what I decided on. This photo dates back to 2014.
  17. Virginia Giant Hover Fly-looking very much like a hornet, wasp or bee. Mimic
  18. This weeks best or favorite species happens to be rare in Florida. So I thought I'd post this here rather than in Overflow. Rare or not I have had one in my backyard twice since we moved here in 2018. This one is from 1-2024.
  19. I kind of thought we had done Black Phoebe. This sapsucker species is the only one we have in Florida. They winter here. This photo I believe is from a trip to the Keys but we get them in our backyard also. Most of the time that I see them their plumage looks worn and doesn't make for attractive photos.
  20. Here is mine though I'm not really sure why. It is not my favorite. What you can't see in the photo is the crow is standing on a dead fish.https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/77991431
  21. I have only seen this species twice back in Colorado. Found at the same location in Boulder a couple of years in a row. No hard choice picking today's.
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