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  1. Indeed! Unless they were birders. Then they will have stories.
  2. California Gull & Ring-billed Gull
  3. Initially we had two of these hanging out together. This one so cooperative I got video of it. From our adventures on Sunday.
  4. Chickadees don't like owls hanging around and well judging my your emoji you look like an owl😃
  5. I guess I should have added initially that this bird was observed hanging over a natural spring along the Suwanne River that was murkier and higher than usual because of heavy rain both local and up river. The immediate area was all cypress trees.
  6. Oh look what I found this morning. I knew I had a Two-tailed Swallowtail some where in all my photos but I didn't even have recorded on my Butterfly life list. I looked for it a month or so ago but didn't find it. I have kept my eyes open for it in the mean time. Still no luck. But, yesterday I took a photo I needed to post on ebird with my back up camera. I keep this camera in the car at all times so I have one just in case. Like yesterday I did not set out to bird but had some time to kill...any way I needed to post one photo on ebird from that cameras memory card which I apparently had not download in long time and found the Two-tailed Swallowtail photo I knew I had somewhere. With it now added to my butterfly life list I'm at 120 species.
  7. Though I remain unconvinced I will be changing it in ebird to Acadian. My bird is too dark and too big and bulky for Acadian. Flycatchers🥴
  8. To my eyes my bird is more brown than anything including the wing bars. The primary projections look the right length for of short to medium for Willow's. The eye ring what you can see of it is anything but prominent more thin dirty white than white. And the smudging on the upper chest is Willow. Certainly doesn't fit for Acadian. I don't think there is a difference in bill size between the two species but if there is Sibley's has it looking larger on the Willow. I still think Willow.
  9. This is what the other Acadian's I saw yesterday looked like.
  10. Without some reasoning behind the opinion I still lean Willow.
  11. I really have no dog in this one either. If it is a Willow it is Florida bird. If it is an Acadian it is a photo lifer. So I'm happy either way.
  12. Not high at all. Maybe 7 feet above eye level. The Acadians I saw the same day were all very high say 20 feet or more above eye level.
  13. I only used Sibley's to help id this bird but with that said it looked nothing like Acadian to me and was way darker than the other Acadians on saw on the same day. Perhaps I used the wrong source material. Need to have my eyes examined...
  14. What life list do you put this on? When pigs fly
  15. A day filled with Other-Orb Weaver (my best shot yet of one of these. A family of Suwanee River Cooters (lifer on the herps list) and a Brown Watersnake.
  16. HELP- I think this one looks very good for Willow but they are rare in Florida. Which means it is probably an Acadian but it just seems to have too much buffy in the wing bars, smugging in the chest... What flycatcher do I have? Taken yesterday in Levy County I think. We were in couple counties yesterday.
  17. Yep! Female Northern Harrier and you will find the Great-horned Owls can vary in color from very light to very dark. Colorado has a mix of light and medium colored Great-horned Owls. A couple of examples of Medium colored and one more light colored GHO. Sorry don't have any dark ones they hang out further west than I have birded.
  18. I wish! The only other Nightjar I have is the Common Poorwill. Though I have heard a Chuck-will's Widow a couple of times. The poorwill only once.
  19. My 103rd Backyard bird since moving to Florida not quite 3 years ago. It flew in while my husband and I were swimming. I was pretty sure what it was put got out of the pool and grab my binoculars. Ran into the house soaking wet to get my camera. My lens kept fogging up but I photographed any way. Went inside showered dressed...It was still there (and still is) so I got more photos with the camera lens not fogged up.
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