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  1. Was at Burnham Prairie south of Chicago today and heard a repeated two note “ker KAW ker KAW” as a hawk flew in a straight line over water and high up into a communications tower. The call, where it landed, and how it was flying seem to equate to Red-shouldered but I didn’t get a great look at it. Pictures with exposure and contrast adjustments uploaded. Is this solid enough to call it a RSHA?
  2. Assumed this was a Least when I first saw it, but then I ran into a reported Acadian Flycatcher shortly after seeing this one. I can't tell if it's the same bird, a Least, or maybe something else. Seen 4/26/22.
  3. Seen in magic hedge at Montrose Bird Sanctuary in Chicago
  4. Seen at Little Red School House outside of Chicago.
  5. Heard two of these birds calling back and forth in my neighborhood in Chicago this morning at 6am. Robins HOSP, or something else? It's the “beep beep beep beep beep” noise (there's a cardinal singing away in the recording as well). Predawn bird.m4a
  6. Flew into pond with a bunch of other mallards. Some redheads, megansers, gulls also in pond. Assumed it was a mallard until I reviewed this photo. Head seems like something other than Mallard to me.
  7. After listening to flight calls, pretty confident it’s Tundra. Honk was the wrong word. More of a yelp I guess haha. Thanks everyone!
  8. The pair flew over me on north side of Chicago. About 3 miles west of Lake Michigan. Both were doing a bit of honking while in flight.
  9. Seen today, flying above a park. Thought Cooper’s but someone suggested possible Harrier.
  10. First post, sorry if it's obvious. Still new to birding and not good at IDing hawks. Swooped down at eye level then perched. Spotted in Chicago along the lakefront.
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