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  1. Hello folks, Today I photographed a few gulls at one of the local lakes here in Tracy, CA. The first pair are Bonaparte's Gulls, and the second is a California Gull (dark eye, red and black dots on bill). But I'm not sure what species the last photo is. Please help. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the ID help, and the explanations. I will go study the bill 🙂
  3. Hello folks, Please help me ID this gull. Today at the Tracy, CA water treatment plant. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the input. Much appreciated!
  5. Hello Folks, Here is a photo of two gulls taken in Tracy, CA today. I was thinking California Gull, but the pink legs and pale eyes make me wonder. Herring maybe? Thanks!
  6. Hello! I believe this is a Solitary Sandpiper. Please let me know if you agree or not. Today, Tracy CA. Thanks!
  7. I did get a reply on Facebook, and I do believe that it was an Oak Titmouse.
  8. I heard this bird call today near Tracy, CA. Close to the river and lots of oak trees. Not the mockingbird, but the call with the same note that repeats one, two or three times. Please help me to ID it. Thanks! P1230530.m4a
  9. Thanks for the confirmation. Much appreciated!
  10. Hello Folks, Would you say this is a Greater or a Lesser Yellowlegs? Probably a Greater, but I'm hoping for a Lesser. Last weekend in Tracy, CA. Thanks!
  11. Hi Folks, I neighbor posted this on Nextdoor. Is it a Coop or a Sharpie? I will probably just get it wrong. Thanks!
  12. Sorry. It was this past weekend near Tracy, CA.
  13. Hi Folks, I's struggling to decide between Bullock's and Hooded Oriole. Not sure how much of the black under the bill is shadow. I am leaning towards immature male Hooded Oriole. Maybe it's a female. Thanks!
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