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  1. I saw this bird near the beach in Cape May, close to the Light House parking area. It was about 7:00 AM on April 30th. Can any one help me with the ID? Thanks in advance!
  2. Can anyone help ID this bird? I've never seen a Sandhill Crane, as they are somewhat rare in these parts. I saw this bird flying overhead in the late afternoon while walking near the wetland area of Macrae Farm Park in Colchester, Vermont. Great Blue Herons are common in this locale, but this bird flew differently. It was flying circles as if scouting a place to land in the still half-frozen wetland. It was not beating its wings, but rather just using the wind to circle around. The light was quite tricky, and I did not see a red crown. A couple of the photo's I took seem to show a hint of red near the eye if really push the 'vibrance' control function in Lightroom.
  3. I saw this bird in the mid-afternoon in the Reserva Natural Laguna Cartagena wetland. The photo is heavily cropped. Perhaps a Merlin? I don't know what to make of the bird's 'fluffy', 'wet' appearance.
  4. I saw this bird late this afternoon in the Intervale in Burlington, Vermont, a mixed use area of farm fields and deciduous trees, near the Winooski River. There are several inches of snow on the ground. I suspect that it's a Sharp-shinned Hawk Or, could it be a Northern Goshawk? Can anyone help to ID with more certainty?
  5. In the field today I thought that this was a Savannah Sparrow but this evening, looking at the photograph, it looks to be a White-throated. Can anyone help to confirm --or refute?
  6. I saw this sparrow this afternoon at "Macrae Farm", in Colchester, Vermont. It was in a large area (many acres) of wild grasses and shrubby plants that is a wetland of sorts, though now is relatively dry and more walkable than usual. No trees within 100 yards---usually too wet. I did not hear it vocalize.
  7. Thank you everyone! I'm drilling down into some Eastern Bluebird vs Am. Robin flying photos in the Macaulay Library to check out what subtle differences may help. The Bluebird suggestion was very helpful, just what I was looking for!
  8. Today I saw a flock of birds fly over me in the late afternoon in the Burlington Intervale, not far from the Winooski river. I couldn't ID them by sight, but got my telephoto on them as they flew past. I wonder if they may have been Robins? Any other ideas? There were 8 total, together loosely.
  9. Oh, yes! And now I see that its eyes are red! Thank You !!!
  10. I saw this bird flying toward me along the Winooski River in Burlington Vermont near sunset this evening. It was mostly gliding along. I suspect that it is a Cattle Egret. Can anyone confirm, or offer other ideas? Thanks in advance!
  11. This raptor was at the water's edge at "Delta Park" in Colchester, Vermont, on the shore of Lake Champlain near the mouth of the Winooski river. The bird didn't move much for about 15 minutes, then flew away, taking a low, slow, steady (4-8 foot high) path over the low shore vegetation....Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. Thanks! I've looked at the B-H Cowbird, and then and looked around more------discovered the female Bobolink "summer", and it looks like that may be a good match.
  13. I saw this bird on July 21st in Colchester, Vermont while walking at Mcrae farm at about 10:00 am. The site is close to a river in a big hayfield with abundant wetland and forest nearby. I think it may be a breeding female America Goldfinch, but I have not seen one like this before and it does not look quite like what I see in Google search images.....Thanks in advance for any help!
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