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  1. FYI Android Version numbers are not comparable to iOS. Android version 7 is close to iOS version 10.06 but lacks Sleuth. The next Android version will also be 7.X.X where X to be determined.
  2. Good news. We’ve figured out how to open stand alone Sleuth from Pro if Sleuth is on your device. It will be in the next Pro update.
  3. Submitted by iBird Photo Sleuth which thinks it’s a Common Grackle. I’m guessing Blue Mockingbird since there is no blue in a Grackle. Thanks Mitch
  4. Taken with my iPhone camera from the iBird Photo Sleuth app. The app is 38% confident it’s an Eastern Phobe but I think it’s might be a Dark-eyed Junco. Thanks John Photo Sleuth in the iTunes App Store The Delighted Birder bundle in the iTunes App Store
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