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  1. @Avery Plenty of storage (> 20 GB) available, so it's not that... Tried rebooting and trying it again, this time it went through the same process, and eventually said "your download is complete and you should be able to use the feature now" (or something like that), but then it crashed as soon as I hit 'ok'. And now it's back to the same behavior as before, just hanging on the "final stage".
  2. I have iBird Pro on iOS (iPhone 8, iOS 14.2). Bought the Photo Sleuth add-on months ago. A few weeks back I noticed it had disappeared. Hit "restore purchases", it started the download, and got to the "final stage of installing" message, where it stayed for a minute or two and then the application crashed. Add-on was not installed. Tried again, and it didn't crash, but instead just sat there on the "final stage" message for 20+ minutes before I gave up. I tried offloading and reinstalling iBird Pro as well; didn't fix the issue. Any ideas?
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