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  1. This was taken in June a couple years ago in British Columbia Canada (in the interior). Would highly appreciate any help with which type of flycatcher ?
  2. Hmmm,... the plot thickens ? Here is a 3rd pic. From this vantage point the crown looked more red/orange ? Any new thoughts ?
  3. @DLecy Thanks very much for following up on this, and I'm sorry I didn't see it until now. Here is another picture I took of it. I see the rusty colour on the wings. Does this help with a Rusty-margined conclusion ?
  4. I just noticed I have another pic of this bird that shows a orange/rufous crown stripe at the top of it's head. Looks like this means it may be a Social Flycatcher ?
  5. Took this photo a couple weeks ago in Colombia, near Bogota. The guide I was with said it was not a Kiskadee, but I can't recall what he said it was. Does anyone know ?
  6. This was taken 2 weeks ago near Bogota Colombia. As always, highly appreciate any help.
  7. I am now thinking this is a Black-throated Mango female. Would be more appropriate for the location near Bogota. But I'd appreciate any comments or other thoughts.
  8. Hi all. This was taken about a week ago very close to Bogota Colombia. It seems to resemble a female Green Mango,... but when I look at the range map of that bird, it seems that would be fairly unusual near Bogota. Any other thoughts/ideas ?
  9. Avery - thanks so much for the comment, and for the ID ! I believe you are right. (I did search around for a while, but just could not come up with it. Thanks again.)
  10. Gray Cheecked ? Yea, that's what I was thinking too, but really am not sure !
  11. Hello everyone. This migrating bird was very co-operative as I photographed him (in Texas, in late April). But I'm very poor at telling Thrushes apart. Can anyone help ?
  12. Hello - I just saw these new replies now ! Sorry for taking off and not coming back till now ! But I appreciate your help and comments !!!
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