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  1. This is definitely a chimney swift. A great study bird as well because the bulging inner primaries (the main field mark vs Vaux's) are super obvious here
  2. It's Traill's. The photo is far from conclusive
  3. Large eye, flat-backed appearance, and lack of eyebrow rule out White-rumped, IMO
  4. Most are red necked, some are wilsons
  5. I mean it's not identifiable but my guess would be Red-necked, at least from what we can see
  6. 1.Western 2. Pec 3. Least, I think 4. Lesser Yellowlegs 5. Yes
  7. I'm having trouble getting a good sense of the bird. Any other angles? I don't see why it's not a Wood-Pewee
  8. Because the throat and body is rather contrasty, the plumage isn't very green overall, the primary projection isn't super long, and the bill + structure suggests something smaller and daintier.
  9. I imagine this is almost definitely a Least, but the bulky bill and longer primary projection is a bit interesting
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