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  1. Lesser for me. I don't know which species is more expected but I would probably leave it at Lesser or a slash.
  2. Pink-footed Shearwater is very rare off Hawaii, and would have a pink bill. This is definitely Wedge-tailed. Look how long that tail is
  3. Could you please be more specific with location? What state? Either way, this appears to be an Acadian Flycatcher based on the large bill, yellow-green coloration, and very long primaries.
  4. Eh, looking at it again I'm not sure... Bill still says purple to me but not sure
  5. It's a Purple Finch. Notice the straight, not curved, culmen, and the greenish coloration on the coverts and wings.
  6. Respectfully, can we try to post the actual photos instead of BOC shots? What's the rush? IMO neither bird was identifiable before posting the actual shots, and unless it's really obvious that's very often the case.
  7. I'd go Mountain Bluebird on the first bird. Notice those crazy long wings, thin bill, and apparent lack of rufous on the back.
  8. Thanks for the advice! I got Black-vented Shearwater off San Diego already this year, fortunately (and Brown Booby in S Texas). Really hoping I get some good birds, I still need a lot for my list.
  9. How was the pelagic? Do you have a trip report? I'm planning on going on the 25th.
  10. I don't think this is identifiable, though I'd agree with Alex Henry's assessment
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