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  1. 2 Leasts and 1 Semipalm, it appears. Definitely no Dunlin
  2. Long-billed Dowitchers and a Yellowlegs
  3. I mean depends on your definition of 'safe'. Very likely yes, but the photos just really leave a lot to desire
  4. Eh. Some of the photos just look a little empid-y but it's probably just the angle/light. The bird in the 3rd photo is definitely a Phoebe though
  5. No, that's a 'pip' call, not 'whit'. Compare (especially the spectrogram) to this: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/354552141
  6. Buffy tones with flat back and scaly appearance. No pale base to bill. Why exactly is this a White-rump?
  7. Alder does not make whit calls. I believe the only eastern empids that make whit sounds are Least and Willow.
  8. Are you sure all the photos are of the same bird?
  9. Hard to say. A conservative count would be at least 12 or so.
  10. It's a Dunlin. Curlew Sand is ruled out by the lack of a primary projection beyond the tail, which would lead to a more 'white-rumped' elongated look
  11. Hi all, It's been quite a while since I've given an update on this project, and I'm happy to say that I've just released a version of the app that includes the ENTIRE eBird taxonomy (at least, all species with audio recordings). This is a monumental upgrade for this application, and now you're able to fully customize and build your own quizzes, rather than having to rely on prebuilt ones. There are also now two modes, one for learning, in which you're able to see the name of the species and listen along, and the classic quiz mode, where you can test your abilities. In addition, I've totally reskinned the entire application, and you are now able to optionally show or hide the spectrogram. I've also added the feature to save your custom quizzes, and suggest them for review to be added under the 'curated' section. Finally, I've removed the leaderboard, as I don't believe that it is in line with my vision for the app as a learning tool, not competitive one. Here's the link: http://earbirder.com/
  12. That's definitely not a Dickcissel, and I honestly don't think it's a bird
  13. Honestly it looks a little stocky but not gonna be able to get an ID off this one
  14. Oh yeah, that's the real deal. A Midwestern specialty.
  15. The plumage looks too uniformly dirty yellow for COYE, the bill is small and sharp, and the legs look thin, not thick and bright pink as COYE
  16. Yeah it's definitely unidentifiable from this photo. Maybe if the photo didn't have artifacts or there were others from different perspectives.
  17. Why not Orange-crowned Warbler? Looks much better for that species to me
  18. Lesser for me. I don't know which species is more expected but I would probably leave it at Lesser or a slash.
  19. Pink-footed Shearwater is very rare off Hawaii, and would have a pink bill. This is definitely Wedge-tailed. Look how long that tail is
  20. Could you please be more specific with location? What state? Either way, this appears to be an Acadian Flycatcher based on the large bill, yellow-green coloration, and very long primaries.
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