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  1. 1 hour ago, AlexHenry said:

    Nice, that seems pretty early and far south for a Short-tailed. And I’m jealous of the Nazca of course!


    @HasanOut of Half Moon Bay you’ll very likely get more Storm-Petrels and alcids (Half moon bay seems pretty good for Tufted Puffin, though still scarce). Probably more Albatross. But likely zero or very few Black-vented Shearwater, and the chance for Boobies is significantly lower (though still possible, namely Brown, but never count on it).

    Thanks for the advice! I got Black-vented Shearwater off San Diego already this year, fortunately (and Brown Booby in S Texas). Really hoping I get some good birds, I still need a lot for my list.

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  2. 1 hour ago, JulCus said:

    I think it's an Audubon Warbler (Yellow-rumped Warblers were split into 2 dif. species a few years ago--the Audubon w the yellow throat and the Myrtle Warbler with the white throat).  

    That is incorrect, they are still one species. Also, this is a Blackburnian Warbler, as has already been pointed out

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  3. I don't know what it is, and the mark of a skilled birder is to know when to admit they do not know.

    However, I do know that the chips Swamp Sparrow make usually have a distinct rich quality, which this lacks. The call in this recording is rather generic sounding, at least to my ear (does not mean that someone else might be able to identify it, but would require a lot of skill and experience), and it could easily be from a variety of species. Flight calls are often different from the sounds made on the ground, and often requires careful examination of the spectrogram to identify. The reason you are noticing a similarity to the flight call is simply because the flight call resembles a more generic sparrow seet note.

    Its extremely unlikely that the recording would be flagged because the species is common and the general assumption is that you identified the bird through other means, and happened to record the chip notes. Identifying birds by their chip notes is very difficult and it's basically impossible to prove with certainty this didn't come from a Swamp Sparrow. Hence, if you claim it came from a Swamp Sparrow, it's not going to get flagged 

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