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  1. Yes, still. There's only one ebird record of a Godwit on the island
  2. I think this is Black-tailed Godwit, but not super familiar with that species. Either way, this is super super rare, I'd get it on eBird if possible
  3. This is a Mourning Warbler, as has already been pointed out. The bird is very bright (not muddy like 1st yr Connecticut), has a broken eyering, and structurally wrong for Connecticut
  4. Size and structure are helpful, but in this case look at the lack of yellow lores and acute gular. Second and third photo are Neotrops. FWIW, Neotropic is the more common species in the valley
  5. Last bird might be Empidonax but otherwise all Pewees
  6. No, the tail pattern does not match that species
  7. Oops, sorry, misread the location as Oregon, not Ontario. They're Herring Gulls
  8. Yes, these are Dowitchers, most likely Short-billed
  9. All are 4 year gulls so not Ring-billed. I'm assuming all are in the G-wing/Western complex, but there's no way to ID any with certainty from these photos
  10. From a structural point of view I would just have a very hard time seeing these as Cals. So beefy
  11. I don't see why this is not an Eastern Wood-Pewee
  12. If possible, I'd recommend attaching the images next time. 1-2 Correct 3. Hard to say, it's a tough angle but I suspect another Acadian 4. Acadian
  13. No chevrons on flanks, no rufous tones. Actually, given date, location and dark legs, this pretty much has to be Semipalm
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