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  1. This looks fine for Mourning Warbler. 

    Connecticut is a chunky warbler, perhaps the most chunky warbler, in fact. 

    Thick pink legs rule out any smaller warblers, and shape, lack of eyering, plus the fact that there's only one record of Connecticut in the county rule that species out.

    @Birds are cool what field guide are you using? If none, I'd highly recommend the Sibley guide. It feels like you're looking at images of the birds without having experience in the field with these species or viewing the key features from a field guide, but this can be misleading as it won't always be obvious what to use as a field mark. For instance, bill color is not useful here. I'd also consult the range map to know what birds are expected.

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  2. Yes, depending on the type of bird, varying quality of photo will be required for an ID. In this case, we would need a better photo for an ID.

    The mark of a good birder is the ability and humility to admit when a bird is not identifiable, as opposed to being able to identify every single one.

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  3. Focus on getting better looks at birds in the field, and guiding ID based on what is expected for that location, at that time of year.

    It may be technically possible to get an ID from a shot like this, but sometimes you just have to let a bird go. In this case, I personally don't know if I could rule out Blue-headed Vireo, and I'd definitely not add it to an ebird report from this photo alone

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