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  1. To rephrase, I should probably not ever use the phrase 'pretty clearly' in reference to Mexican Duck. I'm no authority on Mexican and it can have a somewhat dark breast but imo a bird with this much contrast and a clean dark breast should raise some flags.

  2. Came across this weird looking duck which I presume is a Black Duck. What's throwing me for a loop, however, is the lack of any sort of facial contrast or distinction between the head and the body. There's also this weird light color in front of the bill. If it's a black duck, what's its age/sex and what's with the lack of contrast?ambd.thumb.jpg.25edc3dcb935aa678f72957633795aaf.jpg

  3. 19 minutes ago, Kevin said:

    Greener? Have you seen Texas?

    Honestly there are some very pretty places, the west, treeless and drab the east a forest.

    Not much of it. I drove through the panhandle which was dry grasslands with buttes. Caracaras live in the south east of the state, however, which I imagine is quite green and increasingly tropical as one goes south.

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