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  1. Also, actually yes! Early studies have shown that climate change and an average warming of global temperatures are likely to make winters in the US much colder- namely, that because the poles warm at disproportionately higher rates, the polar vortex and jet stream are weakened, allowing the cold air to move further south than would be normally possible.

    Science isn't political, science isn't partisan. If you choose not to accept a scientific consensus, that's your prerogative but because this is a science based hobby (birding) I think it's probably best to stick to science. And birds.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Seanbirds said:

    “Global warming” isn’t a thing anymore. The “politically correct” (?) thing to say is  “climate change “.

    That's... not true at all. The increasing use of the word 'climate change' as opposed to 'global warming' is because global warming refers only to the general trend of warming while climate change is holistic, and includes other climactic trends due to greenhouse emissions, like the increased intensity or frequency of storms and disruptions in weather patterns.

    It has nothing to do with partisanship, 'political correctness', or whatever else and everything to do with the fact that scientists like to use terms that are accurate and precise, and will update their vocabulary to reflect our most accurate and precise understanding of the issue.

    Global warming is a perfectly fine phrase to use, so is climate change. They have similar meanings, but one is solely about a singular symptom (global warming), and the other reflects the situation as a whole (climate change).

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