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  1. The left and back bird are quite clearly Westerns. However, I would be very cautious calling the frontmost bird a Semi- its bill is in that overlap range where it is on the short-billed side for Western but perhaps just a tad bit longer than most Semis out west. Also, those scaps are fairly bright for that time of year- not impossible for Semi but definitely on the bright side. It's really hard to judge from a single photo, and I don't think I'd call it solely on this.

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  2. This is definitely not buffy enough to be a Sedge, Marsh or Carolina Wren. However, while this superficially looks similar to Rock Wren, something just seems off with the GISS IMO. I've seen bunches of them and this just strikes me as a particularly dull House Wren. Notice that really short bill.

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  3. This is for all you bird call sleuths out there. A bit after dusk, I had a bird in central Illinois respond to a saw-whet tape. It sounds just about identical to the smack call of a Brown Thrasher, and there's a single (what I thought was unreliable) report from earlier this week, but this is a frequently visited spot so I thought it would have been detected by now if it was there. That said, I'm curious if there's any other species this could be. Thanks.

    brown thrasher.mp3

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