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  1. Why not Willow Flycatcher? Primary projection is short, underside doesn't look particularly dusky
  2. The photos feel retouched or at least very odd from their natural white balance. Because of that I'm having trouble getting a feel for how yellow the bird actually is
  3. Sorry, there is no chance that a Northern Shrike would be breeding in a state with zero ebirds records of the species.
  4. Pretty sure all of these are Forster's and your reviewer is right. For the last bird specifically, note that the black on the tail is on the inside, as opposed to the outside on Common.
  5. Sorry, this is not a Western Sandpiper. Any WESA in April would have at least some bright reddish in the face and scaps, and the structure lacks the front-heavy look of Western, plus the bill is on the shorter end for that species. Honestly this looks ok for Semipalmated. However, I don't mean to be rude, but I'd recommend focusing on field observation in this case, as peep ID from a single fairly low-quality photo is difficult.
  6. Warbling Vireo. Philadelphia Vireo is a late migrant
  7. At least some of the shorebird photos are Pecs. Warbler is unIDable
  8. Compact shape, white forehead and white around the eye, broken breast band with black among many other field marks make this an easy Snowy.
  9. Yeah honestly these all look 'slicked' as if they have been diving. I would not ID any of them other than the last male as Lesser
  10. Structurally this bird is way too bulky and barrel-chested for Merlin
  11. This is a common tern. Forster's in no plumage has a carpal bar
  12. This sounds totally fine for Worm-eating Warbler. If habitat was correct, behavior matches, and it is an expected species this time of year, I'd call it that.
  13. Bird seems too small for Rn Grebe. I don't see any reason it couldn't be a Horned
  14. It looks fine for Trumpeter with those thick lores.
  15. I think both of these are unidentifiable
  16. This is a normal Red-winged Blackbird, just a young male. The song you're referring to is a House Finch
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