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  1. Perhaps a bit of a pigment issue. Definitely a Hermit thrush though
  2. Oops, I don't know how I came up with 3 white wingers lol
  3. Well, you've got at least two Icelands. That bird with the bicolored bill is interesting- perhaps a very small Glaucous...
  4. I'm in the RGV... So there's a lot I could post lol. Bat Falcon: Hook-billed Kite: Social Flycatcher:
  5. I did not take the time to consult ebird range maps. However, with this new info, this is definitely a Nelson's Sparrow until proven otherwise.
  6. Why Nelson's? This looks perfect for Saltmarsh to me
  7. That's a long bill... At least the backmost bird in the last photo is a Dunlin
  8. Confirmed. That strange head structure is completely distinctive
  9. The short bill, uneven eye ring and short legs make this an empid. Looks like Dusky/Hammonds, likely Hammond's.
  10. The bulky, bone-colored beak seems completely wrong for LBBG, or at least I have never seen one with such a bill pattern. How is GBBG completely eliminated? I would post this on the NA gulls Facebook page
  11. It's definitely a Tundra, not because of size but the short bill and thin lores.
  12. Not identifiable. Probably herring
  13. The thick lores and long straight bill of the rightmost bird of the left group make it a pretty clear Trumpeter imo
  14. I could get on board with the rightmost group being all Tundra. The rightmost bird of the left group is definitely Trumpeter. The size difference is not always super noticable, particularly when considering perspective.
  15. I disagree. In the second photo, the leftmost bird of the right group looks good for Tundra. The third from the left bird is also a possibility.
  16. That well defined streaking is classic WWCR. Plus color and bill size (WWCR generally appear to have a slightly smaller bill, but I'm not weighing this heavily, it just contributes to the impression)
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