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  1. Western can get pretty uncommon up there. I don't think I'd call it pure western from these photos alone
  2. All the identifiable birds in both photos are Grackles
  3. I don't mean to be rude, but what would you like me to do here? As I said before (as far as I know) there is no insight into Herring/Iceland Gull ID via sound. Even if it sounds exactly the same, unless you can prove that the other does not make the same sound, which would be very difficult given the apparent lack of recordings, we cannot make any headway on the ID.
  4. It's a common until proven otherwise, considering location and bill color. A weird angle or posture of a Common is much more likely than Barrow's in NH.
  5. That's no WEVI sound I've ever heard. I'm not entirely sure what it is, but could you link to a similar WEVI call/song?
  6. Where are you hearing the White-eyed Vireo? I'm not seeing/hearing that at all
  7. Well, there's definitely a Prairie Warbler and Northern Paula at the end. I wish the recording started a bit earlier and the song it does not descend as much as is average for this species, but it does sound like a Yellow-throated Warbler at the beginning.
  8. Any more photos? It's definitely a Red-tail, but I'm interested in the subspecies. Location?
  9. Respectfully, I disagree with these. Wing position is highly dependent on posture. There's no difference between species except if you want to claim a difference in primary projection, wing length, etc. Young LBBG can have pinkish legs. Bill size is useful here, however, as well as notice the dark head, brown color, and lack of contrasty checkering on the scaps/coverts. Overall, however, LBBG are just much colder, a contrasty black and white.
  10. Ha! You're right. That's what happens when you haven't heard a warbler in months. lol
  11. I'm inclined to call that a Carolina Wren. Also, in case you're interested there's a Black-throated Blue Warbler singing in the background ?
  12. RBGU. Known RBGUxLAGU hybrids are much more striking, with wonky bill and leg colors.
  13. Looks pretty good for YB Sapsucker. Where?
  14. I would most definitely not ID Iceland Gull based on voice. Gulls have extremely variable calls, and there are very few recordings of that species, let alone literature on how they might be separated.
  15. Pure western is not that common up there. Presumably Olympic
  16. fwiw, it really doesn't strike me as a Peregrine, but those wings are really long. It does look like a Swainy, but it would be really really unusual in January
  17. The rear bird is definitely a Kumliens, but the front bird looks fine for Herring
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