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  1. True Iceland? Nominate/Glaucoides, Thayer's, what are you referring to here?
  2. Body streaking is too fine for a 4 year gull plus it's just a bit too slight in structure. Cal would be a bit darker
  3. It's a House. Some House can show somewhat of an eyeline like this. Notice the thin streaking. Also fwiw I can't ID the accipiter from these photos. Maybe if we lightened the photo up and I was able to see the face
  4. Sounds like a Wilson's Warbler not a Song Sparrow so it's Pacific Wren
  5. Its a female junco and imo not enough to ID to subspecies. Too ambiguous
  6. Second looks better for Common Yellowthroat
  7. It's fine for Herring in the sense that it could be a Herring and that is the most likely species, but it is ultimately unidentifiable
  8. That said, I don't see Cal every day so I would defer to someone that does ?‍♂️
  9. Meh, I mean it's a weird looking gull but it just doesn't feel like California to me. The plumage seems off and the bill too bulky.
  10. If you get a picture of it, chances are it's a mourning lol
  11. Yes, if the a tail spread was obtained and Sheri confirmed Allen's, I'd go with Allen's. As @DLecy pointed out I was simply saying that the singular photo is not IDable
  12. That last photo is not conclusive for either species. Outside of adult males, Rufous/Allen's is only reliably separated thru a tail spread
  13. Not to pile on, but this is definitely not a TEWA and is definitely an OCWA
  14. How are we eliminating Allen's? P5 looks a little on the wide side, but the tail spread shot is not great and P2 is not clearly notched
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