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  1. 1. Male Costa's generally has a 'vested' appearance with bright white at the top of the breast and greenish on the sides, as opposed to this overall greenish muddy plumage that is indicative of Anna's 2. While both are pretty common at this location, Anna's is significantly more common. 3. The gorget shape and size is wrong for Costa's, which has a much longer gorget that extends further downwards. I'm pretty sure that if we lightened up the image you'd see some pinkish tones, though gorget color is not always the best indicator.
  2. The hummingbird is an Anna's, and I'm not convinced the yellowlegs isn't a Lesser. The bunting is definitely Lazuli, based on plumage.
  3. Common Yellowthroats have white eye rings. Not sure what you mean about tail feathers. Either way, the structure is way off- Chats are large and elongated with long, drooping tails, gray/black legs and thick bills, not small and stocky with a fine bill, short tail, and pink fleshy legs.
  4. This is definitely a Common Yellowthroat
  5. I agree that the first is obviously a House, but I don't see why the other two photos aren't Bewick's. Last photo the bird has a bright supercilium and a very long tail, plus the bird is markedly more gray than the first photo.
  6. I mean I don't think there's much of a point to debating the ID... But I think the bird is facing us. You can see the underside of the tail hidden by what it's perched on. Also fwiw, AMRO are definitely not abundant in the valley. While not necessarily rare they're kinda local and irregular
  7. That scalloped head streaking along w structure screams G-w to me.
  8. I honestly get the impression of a Northern Mockingbird for the second to last image, and maybee the last is one of the resident Acorn Woodpeckers with that large block of white on the wing. Walk around the Tempe campus and listen and you're sure to hear and see some.
  9. Not identifiable. Probably herring
  10. FWIW it's very very late for Short-billed. Almost certaintly Long-billed.
  11. Nail is not 100% reliable, particularly for females. I'd go lesser
  12. Long-billed is always the assumption in Maricopa county. Except for a short window in the summer, there's always going to be a sizable flock of them at this particular location- Riparian preserve at Gilbert water ranch. Short-billed is a scarce migrant in the county. There's nothing about these birds to suggest Short-billed.
  13. I dunno, I could easily see this being a Song. I think the angle could be causing a Lincoln's impression
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