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  1. Update... saw it again today on my suet cage. I think it is a Baltimore Oriole. Still hard to believe I’m seeing one in NJ in January. The picture attached isn’t very good. I’m in Old Bridge, NJ.
  2. there wasn’t any white on the breast. I’m still looking with the hopes of seeing it again but so far no luck. The closest I can find now is the below picture of Baltimore Oriole but I didn’t think they are in NJ during winter. All the Orioles I see in Summer are black and deep orange. The breast on the bird I saw was a light orange as below. Thanks for helping!
  3. It was definitely bigger than a sparrow. The head was more rounded than nuthatch though. And the wing had a definite stripe of some kind. I’m hoping for a chance for picture.
  4. Thank you all! It looked more like the nuthatch than the grosbeak. It just surprised me because of the color. Hopefully I get a chance for a picture to confirm.
  5. I wish I could have taken a picture but i’ve been feeding birds for decades and I saw an orange breasted bird in my NJ yard that i’ve never seen before. It was not a robin or oriole. It was larger than a sparrow or finch but not as big as a robin. It was in my forsythia hedge by seed I have on the ground for more timid birds. It had black wings with a stripe ? I’m at a loss!
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