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  1. Thank you There were two birds and were staying together.
  2. Grants Pass, Or along the Rogue River I'm thinking Red-tailed Hawk Not the best photos. They were pretty high
  3. Thanks, that what I was thinking but not totally sure
  4. Grants Pass Or I'm having trouble deciding. I think these are ravens by the shape and tail but not sure. Photos show a little. There were about 40 or more circling high up I need Raven & Crow education
  5. Grants Pass Or I'm trying to learn all the different Juncos Is there a site that has info on all the sub species of Junco? Is this a slate Junco?
  6. I Know. I wish I would have taken the picture when it was right above me.
  7. Grants Pass, Or I'm not good with gulls. This one flew over me and by the time I realized what it might be he was gone. Got a couple quick snaps of it but not real good. Any thoughts as far as is this a gull or something else. He was big. At first I thought Osprey.. Not time for them and I know what they look like. It looked pretty much all white. Any thoughts?
  8. Thank you, I should learn to go with my gut.
  9. Grants Pass, Or This guy was high in a tree. When I saw him fly in my first thought was a Merlin. Couldn't get good color because it was a very dark day. Any help appreciated
  10. Same Grants Pass, Or now I think this is a lesser. I think I have the difference down. I Hope?
  11. Grants Pass, Or I'm thinking this is an American rather than a Lesser Any comments?
  12. Thank you so much. I was thinking owl but it looked fake. I've only seen one Pygmy Owl and it was from the front. We learn something every day
  13. Grants Pass Or First one I thought a sparrow. The breast marking is throwing me. Second I am lost. I can't tell if it was looking at me or away. He was pretty far off. Thanks for any help
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