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  1. Grants Pass Or Most of the Rufous have left the area, if this is a Rufous it's hanging around. The front has more of the rufous color but of course she wouldn't turn around. Thanks
  2. #1 #2 Grants Pass Or Need a little help. Is 1. a Rufous Humming bird? Most have gone but this guy is hanging around. Is 2. a Yellow Warbler. I know I don't have the whole bird but that's all I could get Only saw it a second Thanks I'm Not sure my photos will show up. Is there a new way to do photos?
  3. Grants Pass Or I know a male Lazuli when I see it. I'm thinking this is a female or a young Two Photos Any help appreciated
  4. Grants Pass, Or I'm pretty sure this is Western Kingbird He flew in and all I could see was the under parts. Thanks for help
  5. Grants Pass, or Spent a half an hour to get this photo. This little guy would not stop. I'm thinking a Wilson's but could be a yellow Warbler. Any help appreciated
  6. grants pass Or pretty sure this is Western Tananger. It seemed to be bigger than what I think a tananger is. He seems to be the size of a Downy Woodpecker
  7. Oh thanks I see it now. Feeling dumb. Bill not big enough for hummer. DUH!!!!
  8. Grants Pass, Or I'm am just not sure on this one. He sat up at the top of the tree for about 10 min. Photos are terrible but maybe someone could give me a clue. Bigger than the regular Annas around and bigger than the rufous. Never saw it fly. Just not sure but think it's a hummingbird.
  9. Grants Pass Or I think this is a type of flycatcher
  10. I think this is last one. Bad photo but I think its a Red-tailed Hawk
  11. Grants Pass, Or 1. Flycatcher? 2. No Idea 3. I think the same as 2
  12. Not sure where to go with this. Possibly starling? Grants Pass or
  13. Grants Pass Or Couldn't see breast before he flew away Leaning to Song?
  14. Grants Pass Or I'm pretty sure this is a Golden-crowned Sparrow but the yellow above the eye is throwing me off No real white on throat
  15. Not positive on this ID Grants Pass Or Is this a Pacific-slope Flycatcher?
  16. Thank you Some males showed up and confirms it
  17. The site would not let me edit. The second one has a slight yellow on the rear area. Maybe a Pine Siskin?
  18. Grants Pass Oregon I'm pretty sure the first one is a Lincoln's Sparrow but not sure on the second one (maybe female house sparrow) 1. 2.
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