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  1. Grants Pass Or this little guy hit my window. eventually flew off What is it. Yes I have things on my windows to prevent strikes but every once in a while they hit.
  2. Thank you so much I've worked very hard on this
  3. I have had the hardest time with these goldfinches I think I've got it now 1. American Goldfinch 2. Lesser Goldfinch
  4. Thank you. We have annas and rufous have just recently returned
  5. Grants Pass Or please confirm if this is a female Rufous hummer
  6. Grants Pass Or Please tell me these are all Purple Finches Male and Female
  7. Grants Pass Or Almost 100% on this one The bill is thin and pointed There were some Hutton's reported in the same area.
  8. Thank you, with the belly band I thought so
  9. Grants Pass Or I'm thinking Red-tailed Confirm or not
  10. Grants Pass Or Are any of these Purple Finch? I'm thinking all are House Finch.
  11. Grants Pass Or. Think I finally have two purple Finches. Need to have it confirmed. Thank You
  12. grants Pass Or I'm thinking Raven by the tail but not sure. Help appreciated
  13. Two from today Grants Pass Or 1. Red-shouldered ? The call sounded like a Red-shouldered 2. Red-tailed
  14. Thank you all. I figured it wasn't a Bushtit because I've seen a lot of them and they are really gray. Wrentit was my second thought.
  15. Grants Pass Or can someone confirm this is a Wrentit Please
  16. Grants Pass Or Not sure if it's a Coopers Or Red-tailed Looks like tear drop marks going down but also could be a band around thanks for your help
  17. Grants Pass Or Can anyone tell from this photo? Cooper or Maybe Sharpie Thanks
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