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  1. Grants Pass Or Can anyone tell from this photo? Cooper or Maybe Sharpie Thanks
  2. Thnk you. I don't know why I don't trust myself. I know these things
  3. Grants Pass Oregon 1. Is this a Red-tailed Hawk 2. Lesser Goldfinches
  4. Grants pass Oregon Is this a White-crowned Sparrow?
  5. Are both of these Coopers Hawk Grants Pass Or.
  6. Selma Or Are both of these Canada Geese? One is smaller. How do you tell the difference between Cackling and Canada Thanks
  7. Grants Pass, Or. Not the best pictures Not use to seeing these in my yard in winter. In spring I can really tell them apart. What do I look at other than color? I'm thinking House Finch but the red goes down the back and under the tail. Thanks
  8. Grants Pass,Or Only saw from back. Is this a Red-shouldered?
  9. Grants Pass Or Are all of these Red-shouldered Hawks? One I'm not sure of the middle one.
  10. Grants Pass Or I'm still working on the goldfinches Are these all Lesser?
  11. Thanks When I look close I do see the white pattern on the wing
  12. Grants Pass Or. I'm Never sure on Red-shouldered unless I see the back I'm thinking Cooper's
  13. Grants Pass Or I think this is Red-shouldered hawk
  14. Grants Pass Or Any help appriciated Thanks 1. Cooper's Hawk ? 2 Red-tailed Hawk ?
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