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  1. Grants Pass Or Are these all Green-winged Teal Females? Thanks
  2. Grants Pass Or. I'm thinking Coopers Hope you can tell from this picture Thanks
  3. Grants Pass Or I'm thinking this is Crow not Raven This one the light was bad. I think it is a Red-shouldered Hawk Can you confirm with just a profile?
  4. Grants Pass Or Can someone again confirm Savannah Sparrow. I think I have it now. Thanks
  5. Grants Pass Or I'm thinking this is a Peregrine Any thoughts? Thank you
  6. Grants Pass Or #1. House Sparrow Female #2. House Finch not Purple
  7. Grants Pass Or This little song sparrow has been coming to my yard. First time I saw it I thought the rain had messed with his head feathers. He's been back several time when it's dry. Do you think his head got hit or deformed from birth? Not a biggie just wondering.
  8. Grants Pass Or I know these are bad pictures but thought Id give it a try. Photo from center of the lake Thank You
  9. Thank you. I was pretty sure but have a hard time with the little yellow birds.
  10. Grants Pass, Or Are these Lesser goldfinches?
  11. Grants Pass Or I think I was told we only have Sooty's in Southern Or Just want to confirm it
  12. Cool. Thank you. I thought it looked different
  13. Grants Pass Or Another Golden-crown maybe? The tiny yellow by the eye and the dark line above the eye are making me doubt. Thanks for any help.
  14. Grants Pass Or Is this a Golden-crowned Sparrow or something else?
  15. Grants Pass or Not too sure but maybe a Red-shoulder Hawk? Picture from far away
  16. Need ID confirmed please White throated sparrow Grants Pass Or
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