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  1. Grants Pass Or I'm pretty sure this is a Fox Sparrow but what kind please. Sooty or Regular and what's the difference.
  2. Grants Pass Or I'm pretty sure this is a Fox Sparrow. It seems to be darker than any fox sparrow I've seen. Could this be a different type of Sparrow?
  3. Selma Or Try again. These may be the same domestics? Great White-fronted Goose
  4. Thank you I was pretty sure. He's been getting breakfast at my feeders a few mornings. I guess he knows they're here now. Two days ago he dove into the blackberry bushes and came out with a rat. I was very surprised to see him do that but was happy to see the rat go.
  5. Grants Pass Or Pretty sure but would like it confirmed. Thank You
  6. Thank you I would never have gotten pintails
  7. Thank you I never would have thought of a Raven
  8. Grants Pass, Or; I saw these hawks up high and there were three together. Two of them kept flying criss cross back and forth of each other. The 3rd flew off. The two stayed together flying high till I could no longer see them. I believe the one is a Red-tailed hawk. The second one has a more pointed beak and seems thinner. Not as round as the first one. The pictures aren't great but with the shape you can see the difference in the heads. any info would be fun
  9. Grants Pass, Or I know this is a Kestrel but doesn't have the markings and color I'm use to seeing. Could this be a female or a young? Thank you all
  10. One more from Grants Pass How about this being a Least Sandpiper?
  11. Grants Pass, Or Not positive but think this is a Greater White-fronted Goose or a domestic? The low belly is throwing me off Thank you
  12. Grants Pass Or Still working on finches Are both of these American? if not Why?
  13. Grants Pass Or I'm trying to get these little birds straight Not the best photos 1. Western Tanager (female or Young) 2. Song Sparrow 3. Least Sandpiper
  14. Thank you First time I've had one come into the yard. Took a bath and hung out to see what was here.
  15. Grants Pass Or This guy came in for a drink and a look around
  16. Grants Pass Or Is this another brown-headed Cowbird?
  17. Not sure about that. No red-wings anywhere near here. The throat is definitely yellow.
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