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  1. grants Pass Or. Little Yellow bird Not sure if this is the same bird, don't know what it is either
  2. Grants Pass Or. Trying to get these little birds straight Is this a Western Wood-pewee? With so many fledglings around it's sometimes hard to figure out
  3. Grants Pass Or 1. Song sparrow? 2. all three the same?
  4. grants Pass or. very bad photo thought you might be able to tell This was the size of a Bullock's female Most have not been around lately because I had to take my jam down due to bees.
  5. Help with this for a friend. Boise Idaho
  6. Grants Pass Or I'm still working on these little finches I'm almost 100% With Lesser Goldfinch
  7. Grants Pass, Or the bird out front is an American Kestrel but the small bird that was chasing it I'm not sure of. I thought it was a Barn Swallow but the white on the tail doesn't seem right. Thank You all
  8. Scissor-tailed Flycatchers are out of my range. Someone else said it could be a Western Kingbird fledgling and that seems to work. Thank you for your thoughts
  9. Grants Pass Or I have a hard time with these. 1. Western Wood-pewee ? 2. Ash-throated Flycatcher? 3.??? 4.?? 5. Maybe not a flycatcher
  10. Grants Pass Or. I'm thinking Western Bluebird fledgling They were in an area with Western Bluebirds This shows the blue better
  11. Crescent City California Not good with Shore Birds, are these Western Sandpipers?
  12. Bird nut. Yes it is a second account. I had another account and couldn't get into it. I was blocked out of it so had to start a new account.
  13. Grants Pass Or. I'm thinking this is a female House Finch
  14. Grants Pass, Or I think these are crows by the sound but not 100%
  15. Grants Pass, Or Could this be a Lincoln's Sparrow? No stripes for Song.
  16. Grants Pass Or I'm thinking Bushtit but not sure about the dark line on eye
  17. Thanks Makes sense. I have a lot of them around. This guy was so little I thought it was a warbler
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