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  1. Grants Pass, Or I'm thinking some kind of warbler Any help appreciated.
  2. Grants pass oregon any help appreciated
  3. Thanks I thought sapsucker but not enough red around the head and chest. Bad photo but maybe a young that doesn't have all it's color? I'm not sure how that goes.
  4. Selma, Oregon 1. Not sure on this first one. Looks like swallow family but can't tell. Could it be a young fledgling? 2. This Woodpecker I'm not sure of. Sorry for the poor photo. all I could get before he flew off
  5. Salma Oregon I need confirm on Purple Martin Thanks
  6. Thanks, that was one of my guesses with the white tail feathers
  7. Grants Pass, Or Just not sure. Seems to be young something
  8. Grants pass Or I'm thinking something in the sparrow family
  9. Grants Pass, Or. Is this Ash-throated Flycatcher or Western Wood-pewee..?
  10. Grants Pass Or I know these are awful pictures but thought someone might Know
  11. That makes me excited. Never had one of those in my yard. Thank You so much.
  12. Grants Pass Or Not good with these little guys. Poor photo but maybe good enough for ID
  13. Thanks Must be the picture, he was high in a tree.
  14. I'm Thinking Western Wood-pewee Grants Pass Or.
  15. Grants Pass Or I am almost 100% but not really The first visitor to my new fountain Lesser Goldfinch
  16. Selma Or Is this a purple Martin? Too high up for a good photo
  17. Photo not the best early cloudy morning light but need to confirm Western Wood-pewee please
  18. Yes I looked it up and that fits. I’ve seen many males but haven’t noticed the females. Thank You
  19. Grants Pass Or. Not sure about this bird. My first thought was a female House Sparrow. It just seems too big. about the size of a female Red-winged Blackbird. Has a chest markings Like a female brewers blackbird. I've never seen any blackbirds in my yard Thank you for your help
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