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  1. Grants Pass Or First one I thought a sparrow. The breast marking is throwing me. Second I am lost. I can't tell if it was looking at me or away. He was pretty far off. Thanks for any help
  2. Grants Pass or is this an Oregon Junco or possibly a slate Not sure it just looked different than the others
  3. Both in Grants pass Or Is the first one a Lincoln's sparrow? Second a Western Bluebird
  4. Grants Pass, or Not sure if this is a house finch or some kind of sparrow Any help appreciated, Sorry for poor photo
  5. Once again not 100% Grants Pass, Or I'm thinking Cooper's He was very interested in something in my neighbors yard.
  6. Grants Pass, Or I'm thinking house due to the markings I can hope for Purple Finch but don't think so 1. 2. 3. . 4.
  7. Lonestranger, Not your fault.. I posted then went back in and added the first photo Sorry to trip you up
  8. Grants Pass Oregon Confirm Purple finches Thank You,
  9. I'm thinking Says Phoebe Grants pass Or.. Rogue River Not the best photos Thanks
  10. Saw this in neighborhood in Grants Pass, Or. Very high in tree so photos not the best. I was thinking Cooper's but not sure. No band on belly so I thought it couldn't be Red-tailed
  11. Grants Pass Oregon I'm trying to learn the difference between Lesser and Greater Scaup If these photos aren't Greaters what am I missing Thanks
  12. Grants Pass Oregon Not sure. one had something in his beak and never dropped it the entire time I watched them
  13. Saw this in Grants Pass Or. It was all in shadows so I lighten as much as I could. I thought at first it was a Merlin, it was small. Any help appreciated Birdtime
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