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  1. SE PA. Warbler hopping around the tree, very vocal and active. At least some yellow plumage (poor lighting and no binoculars). Sounds like a yellow warbler to me, but I'm not a great song ID and it's a little early in the year. VID_20210409_172416288.mp4
  2. That's possible but very unlikely here. That is about the right size though.
  3. Se PA. Roughly eastern phoebe sized bird. With the plumage shown, my first thought was phoebe, but the bill and head shape seem wrong and the grey on the breast seems to mottled.
  4. SE PA. Large hawk. The bright yellow eyes, and tail pattern makes me think it's a first year bird.
  5. SE PA. Too large for a cowbird but the bill seems heavy for any of the possible blackbird species. Song seemed unlike a blackbird song (i.e. not metallic).
  6. SE PA. Saw first warblers of the year today. I got grainy pictures of three. I'm thinking they may all be pine warbler (wingbars, extensive yellow, eye yellow eyering), but wanted to check, particularly as they weren't near pine. in particular, the non-yellow one might be a blue-headed vireo - the eyering is pretty prominent and wide, but there is no yellow or buffy that I could see at all..
  7. SE PA. Looks like a Great Blue Heron to me, but I have a hard time telling for sure from below like this.
  8. That was my initial thought but the white bending seemed to wide. Love to know for sure.
  9. SE PA. Mid-sized Buteo with shorter tail with broad white and black stripes, visible from both above and beneath. Similarly colored to a RT Hawk underneath. Wasn't able to get a very good picture, but even with what I have it seems like the white and black stripes on the tail are equal sized and few in number.
  10. SE PA. Smaller Herring gull-looking bird with noticeable smaller head and bill and dramatically bright pink legs.
  11. SE PA. Noticeably smaller bird with a shorter, lighter bill in a mix group of Herring and Ring Billed gulls. Likely a smaller ring-billed, but didn't want to miss if it was a mew or something else.
  12. SE PA. The first looks to be a lesser black backed (dark mantle, a little bigger than the ring-billed, yellow legs) but want to confirm. It does have a weird red orbital eye ring. The second also looks like a lesser black backed, in the water with more ring-billed.
  13. SE PA. In a flock of Ring Billed, but somewhat larger and with a red dot behind the black ring and grey tip. more pronounced white crescents than I usually see in Ring Billed.
  14. SE PA. Doesn't seem brown or dull enough to be eclipse, the greenish tint to the bill makes me think it's got some Black Duck in it. It's mate was a mallard.
  15. SE PA. Spotted out on the river, too large, thick necked, and large billed to be a horned grebe. Head shape, body length, a shorter appearing neck, some white spotting on back, and the way it holds it's head suggests red throated loon to me (not enough dark on the head and definitely not large enough to be common imo). But it's also possible it could be a red-necked grebe that isn't showing it's neck length - to much evaporating water off the river to get a perfect look. (bad) Pictures below.
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