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  1. SE PA. Looks like a solitary to me, but wanted to rule out other options.
  2. SE PA. Hoping I could get some help on the age of this Ringbill. The mantle is almost completely grey but the legs are still pink, the primaries are still completely brown, and the bill is still dark to the tip.
  3. SE PA. Just wanted to confirm Purple Finch.
  4. SE PA. Gull *appeared* to have uniform white wingtips but the lighting was pretty overcast. Possible Iceland Gull?
  5. SE PA. Looks like a herring gull that was in with some ring bills (substantially larger, heavier bill, yellow irises, etc.) but the yellow legs are throwing me for a loop. Do Herring ever exhibit yellow legs?
  6. SE PA. Just wanted to confirm this is a second cycle bird with the mostly adult plumage but no with on wingtips and grey legs / base of bill.
  7. SE Pa. looks like a house finch to me (lots of them around), but the streaking is very light, and the yellow at the base of the bill is throwing me for a loop.
  8. SE PA. Lincoln's is not terribly common here, and seeing more than one in an outing in different locations seems like a lot.
  9. Good question. I don't think so - it wasn't nearly so cold a grey as most of the fall cape may's I've seen, the eyebrow was pretty broad, and the streaking was only on the flanks.
  10. SE PA. Looks to be a female / immature blackburnian warbler (top of breast is yellow, dark streaking down flanks but not on center of throat and breast, broad yellow eyebrow stripe and the auricular pattern), but their are a couple of details that puzzled me. For one, the head patterning was greenish brown, not entirely unlike a black throated green, but it's obviously not (yellow on breast, strong auricular patterning). Bad picture below.
  11. SE pa. Hear below. 20210908_191425.wav
  12. SE PA. Trying to get an ID in this flycatcher. In the binoculars it looked pretty yellow on the throat and lower chest aith grey between like a yellow-bellied, but not really seeing that in the picture.
  13. SE PA. This rather nondescript sparrow has me stumped, particularly with the buffy wash on the upper breast. Poor pictures below.
  14. SE PA. Looks pretty much exactly like a laughing gull (right head patterning, darkness of mantle, heavier beak for black headed gull, etc.), but significantly smaller than all of the ring-billed gulls nearby (instead of just a little) and peculiarly short wingtips that barely extend past the tail. Curious if there is some kind of hybrid or something that would account for these peculiarities.
  15. Fascinating conversation. Size is notoriously difficult to determine, but I would have said about white throated sparrow size. I initially thought maybe house sparrow, but the bill is what made me put it up. I can tell you it looked even larger in person than in these photos, and extremely triangular.
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