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  1. Highway 89 between Corwin Springs and Livingston, MT just north of Yellowstone entrance
  2. Immature Common Goldeneye ? Lamar River - Yellowstone National Park
  3. believe to be immature Trumpeter or Tundra Swan taken today on Slough Creek (Yellowstone National Park)
  4. This AM John S Taylor Park Largo, FL Soaring high
  5. Black Vultures in the foreground on the fence post - curious on the raptors in the tree behind the vultures Photo is from quite a distance and blown up a bit Coloration has me leaning White-tailed Hawk
  6. Sept 2020 #1 - I believe it's a juvenile Green Heron (vs Least Bittern) #2 - Poor photo quality but believe its a Black-and-White Warbler #3 - Short-tailed Hawk ??? Was soaring fairly high and I never did see "the dive" #3 -
  7. Fort De Soto - September 2020 #1 - I'm leaning Forsters Tern over Common Tern #2 - I believe the plovers are nonbreeding Piping and possibly a Snowy Plover particularly in pic #4 due to bill shape and gray legs (all different birds) - but unsure because legs may appear gray due to sand/mud
  8. Pics from today #1 - Believe this is Semipalmated and White-rumped Sandpiper #2/#3 - Unsure #4/#5 - poor photo but believe its a Saltmarsh Sparrow #6 - Bank Swallow (believe Bank due to neck pattern) #7 - Clapper Rail (drab color, minimal barring on sides, proximity to saltwater, and frequency reasons i thought Clapper vs King)
  9. Yesterday @ Ricketts Glen State Park - PA Early AM in poor light from a distance - Was confident in field that it was a waterthrush, but couldn't make a call on Louisiana vs Northern Was leaning Louisiana due to steep ravines, fast-moving water and slightly more like in the location Curious if there is enough in the photos to make a call
  10. Dates: March 10 Location: Near Hopkins, Belize (Stann CReek District) #1 -I'm thinking Yellow Northern Elaenia or Northern Beardless-Tyranulet, #2 - Olive -throated Parakeet? #3 - At dusk, under forest canopy so terrible light but was a small kingfisher so assuming Green or American-Pygmy #4 - Hummer
  11. I believe #1 - Vesper Sparrow, #2 - Savannah Sparrow, #3 and #4 - Northern Harriers, #5 - American Pipit and #6 Hawk sp?
  12. Edwin Forsythe NWR & Atlantic City beach Dec 27 I'm thinking #3 is possibly Savannah Sparrow and #4/#5 are Common Goldeneyes and #6 is Long-tailed Duck (Atlantic City boardwalk - ocean)
  13. Ascarate Lake - El Paso, TX Is front left a female Mallard or Mexican (pic 1) And unsure if pic 2 is male/female Mexican or other duck species
  14. Red-crested Pochard (non-native)? Muscovy Duck? Swan Goose (non-native) ? ?
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