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  1. I believe the two in the foreground are white-rumped sandpiper (wings extend beyon tail and light brown on base of lower mandible) and the more distant one is a stilt sandpiper...looking to confirm the IDS and also curious about the out of focus sandpiper in between
  2. Homestead FL - known location at L31W Canal for Western, Tropical and Cassin's several pics of 2 birds
  3. 1st pic - Heritage River Rd Wetlands (Jacksonville FL) 2nd pic - Merritt Island NWR both seem to have more rounded heads and lack peak @ back of head so was leaning Greater Scaup
  4. Ft De Soto Common vs Forster's
  5. Spotted 6 or 7 individuals at Palencia Saltmarsh in St. John County FL. I believe the first picture is a Seaside Sparrow with the yellow lores and the others are Saltmarsh / Nelsons
  6. only had binos and a camera at Fort De Soto park this weekend, so wasn't able to get a better look with a scope - in the field was thinking possibly Scoter
  7. St Petersburg FL 1st two pics same bird
  8. appreciate the input - agree on sapsucker and strong likelihood that it's a red-naped A few additional pics of a different woodpecker from a distance - with poor/distant photographs not sure if there is enough here to support an ID
  9. Saturday near sunset on Arizona State campus picked up reddish/pinkish wash (Lewis's) but thought moreso Williamsons Sapsucker and maybe time of day / camera lighting was throwing off colors
  10. Likely released exotics that have established in pond in Tamarac, FL Was looking through some pics from several weeks ago I believe the 3rd from the right (red head / red-orange bill) is a Red-crested Pochard Are the two birds to the left Common Pochards ?
  11. was thinking 1st winter Franklin's Gull (thin bill, crescent white near eyes, gray/brown back coloration) but thrown off by leg color, but that might have been sand/mud effect ???
  12. My camera is on its last legs and these shots were taken at a distance ad with minimal light near dusk I believe the brown body, white cheek and a hint of red on the base of the bill points to a White-cheeked Pintail on #1 While Common Pochards have been seen lately, I believe these are a pair of redheads And on the 3rd one with the orange head, pinkish bill and black chest i'm think red-crested pochard
  13. I ran this through iNaturalist and it suggested the ID was a Red-necked Stint. The photo doesn't show a hind toe. In the field I didn't make a mental note that it was smaller than a Sanderling which again rules against Red-necked Stint. But I read the one additional determining factor is the bill-to-head ratio. I just assumed Sanderling, but wanted to confirm
  14. Pt Mugu State Park Sycamore Canyon Two different individuals
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