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  1. Pinellas County, FL Was in a raft of Ring-necked Ducks and Redhead. The lengthy, dark bill and forehead slope had me thinking Canvasback on this
  2. Sweetwater Preserve - Gainesville, FL possibly female Nashville with eyer ring?
  3. Homestead FL - L31 Canal this week a few poor pics and poor audio but thinking Willow Flycatcher Willow Flycatcher_L31 FL_Oct 22_2022-10-20 0735.wav
  4. appreciate it - thats why I never fully trust Merlin ?
  5. Curious if this is a Dickcissel flight call ? eBird flagged as rare. Marathon, FL - August Dickcissel_Maratho FL_2022-08-02 2012.wav
  6. Fort De Soto - North Beach / Outback was mixed in with Marbled Godwits - thinking Bar-tailed, but quite rare so looking to confirm
  7. Just recently read about the Eastern Meadowlark species split - This photo was taken in May 2012 in Buenos Aires NWR
  8. Pelican Island on Dauphin Island - Alabama Gulf Believe to be Baird's
  9. I believe the two in the foreground are white-rumped sandpiper (wings extend beyon tail and light brown on base of lower mandible) and the more distant one is a stilt sandpiper...looking to confirm the IDS and also curious about the out of focus sandpiper in between
  10. Homestead FL - known location at L31W Canal for Western, Tropical and Cassin's several pics of 2 birds
  11. 1st pic - Heritage River Rd Wetlands (Jacksonville FL) 2nd pic - Merritt Island NWR both seem to have more rounded heads and lack peak @ back of head so was leaning Greater Scaup
  12. Ft De Soto Common vs Forster's
  13. Spotted 6 or 7 individuals at Palencia Saltmarsh in St. John County FL. I believe the first picture is a Seaside Sparrow with the yellow lores and the others are Saltmarsh / Nelsons
  14. only had binos and a camera at Fort De Soto park this weekend, so wasn't able to get a better look with a scope - in the field was thinking possibly Scoter
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