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  1. I ran this through iNaturalist and it suggested the ID was a Red-necked Stint. The photo doesn't show a hind toe. In the field I didn't make a mental note that it was smaller than a Sanderling which again rules against Red-necked Stint. But I read the one additional determining factor is the bill-to-head ratio. I just assumed Sanderling, but wanted to confirm
  2. Pt Mugu State Park Sycamore Canyon Two different individuals
  3. La Pintoresca Park in PAsadena - known Parrot Roost There were several hundred Red-crowned Parrots and a handful of Yellow-headed. There was a light drizzle prior to sunset so lighting wasn't great. The two parrots in this tree seemed to have a different vocalization which drew my attention. I thought possibly Lilac-crowned as the bills appeared a bit more yellow than white and I thought I caught a little more lilac coloration in the crest (in the blurry bird upper right). While in the field I didn't make a note on tail size, and the tail is obstructed in this picture.
  4. sorry - getting my parks confused was at Doyle Community Park in San Diego
  5. Dunedin, FL same bird in both pics
  6. I believe the two in flight are Lesser Yellowlegs. And the final two shots were out of my 10x42 range in the field and Nikon couldn't quite zoom in well (same pic at different magnification)
  7. 3 sandpipers in the image (4 images - 2 original pics with each "zoomed in" once I'm thinking Semipalmated Sandpiper at top (12 o'clock), Semipalmated Sandpiper on the right (3 o'clock), and not sure on the blurry peep at the bottom (6 o'clock)
  8. sequence of pics altered with submission
  9. Looking for confirmation / support on a few tern IDs My thoughts: 1. Black Tern in flight 2. Forsters Tern in flight 3. Juvenile Sandwich (w/o yellow bill tip) #4 and #5 Common Tern (Sandwich Terns in foreground of pic #4)
  10. #1 and #3 - earlier this month in Kenai Fjords National Park (boat tour) - Gulf of Alaska and Chiswell Islands (thinking Black-Legged Kittiwake and Marbled Murrelet) #2 - earlier this month in Chugatch State Park outside of Anchorage (thinking yellow-rumped warbler)
  11. Had a great time on the Bar Harbor Puffin tour out to a colony of breeding puffins on Petit Manan, ME. A few questions on a few of the pics: In the first pics there are Terns in the background (Common and Arctic present but unsure of which is photographed here). There are razorbills and puffins. My question is whether the browner, larger bird that is facing back and to the right (just above center in the picture) is a Common Murre. On the other pics curious on Common vs Arctic Terns, if discernible from pics
  12. thanks but no other pics on #1 - i felt pretty confident in the field on Bendire's
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