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  1. An in-advance thank-you for your views and any confirming ID feedback for both the adult female and adult male... the female appears Mottled?, the male a Mallard x Mottled hybrid? Images attahced: One photo of both; 2 photos of the male on the water; 1 photo of the female facing left in a grassy area. Appreciated!
  2. Thanks, RobinHood, for the add'l detail and information!
  3. Very appreciated and thank you's to Birding Boy and Jefferson Swank... too, kindof heart-happy that it is Mottled, vs a hybrid. Thanks, too, for including your ID clarifications/detail and viewing 'tips' Be well, be happy!
  4. ? looks a little like a paler, immature female pine warbler... or something entirely diff? ... ID confirmation assist please; much appreciated. Sorry for the less-than-adequate photo close-up's. Sighted at The Celery Fields, Sarasota FL, yesterday.
  5. Inexperienced sightings ... Mottleds, Mallards, Mallard x Mottled... With all of the hybridization... and the reference data instructing quite a bit of variation within the Mallard-Mottled, too. What do you think about this beauty ... seen at The Celery Fields, Sarasota FL (yesterday) in a canal (south section)... foraging alone, nearby an immature little blue heron. Thank you!
  6. Hello, all - - ? pine warbler... too, a distinctive dark feathering patch at "forehead". Contrast, whiter wing bars; bright eyering with bright yellow 'chin', 'neck' and chest ... with side streaking; reddish legs and a longer tail with white patches beneath... photos here, as seen yesterday, sun city center 33573 FL, 02-06-2021. No other photos (e.g., nothing showing the plumage on the 'back' of this bird). Thanks, again!
  7. THANK you, all! My shhhh guess was a palm warbler though befuddled with the speckled plumage (a barely "PT birder"...)... grateful for the clarification and enlightenment as to the leucistic condition... MUCH appreciate your time and expertise!
  8. ?an immature ... a type of warbler? Photos attached provide the best visual detail for this inquiry. Sighted on Jan 23 2021 at the Fred and Idah Nature Preserve, Tampa Bay FL at approx. 1:13PM EST.
  9. A colorful beauty that is not often seen; an adult male Painted Bunting...
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