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  1. Looks good for female BHCO to me. Bill looks too small for Bronzed.
  2. Mark5

    Crowned kinglet?

    Agree with Yellow-rumped. The yellow in the armpit is a good mark for them.
  3. White-tailed kite. Cool bird!
  4. I think so with that eye color, head shape and beak size. ebird shows them being spotted in San Jose. Caveat: I am not an expert on west coast gulls.
  5. Mark5

    Rough legged?

    It looks like it but I don't know how you could rule out a dark-morph "Harlan's" red-tailed hawk. Maybe someone from out west could clue us in.
  6. What was the location of the observation?
  7. Agree. It has a pretty distinctive appearance.
  8. Mark5

    Help ID bird

    Agree with Bird Brain.
  9. I think they are both Sagebrush Sparrows based on what looks like a very thin malar stripe and blackish streaking on the back. (Quoting from Nat. Geo. 7th) I will offer the disclaimer that I have no experience with these 2 very similar species.
  10. 1) Red-breasted mergansers 2) Horned Grebe 3) Dunlin?
  11. Mark5

    Which Bird?

    I just recently had an Ebird reviewer ask me to change an ID from almost exactly 3 months ago. These folks are volunteers and review observations when they have time. Don't get frustrated. Life happens. Just take it in stride.