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  1. All from 9/5 at Mcginnis Slough in the south suburbs of Chicago. It is a very large retention pond with quite a bit of vegetation around the perimeter. 1) Mallard up front, Ruddy Ducks behind. 2) Wood Duck up front. The rest Blue-winged Teal? 3) Blue-winged Teal and a Gadwall? 4) Same group as in photo #3. Thanks!
  2. Thanks all. I have been looking for this bird at my local hotspot for a while now. Glad to finally get it.
  3. 8/15/21 in Wisconsin Dells near the river. 1) Cowbird? 2) No guess. 3) Pine Warbler? 4) 2 photos. Golden-crowned Kinglet? 5) Pine Warbler again? 6) Willow Flycatcher? Thanks!
  4. Taken on 8/15/21 in Wisconsin Dells by the river. 1) Blackburnian right? 2) 5 photos of this bird so I could include tail shots. I am at a loss. Thanks!
  5. Hello. 2 birds in question. 1) I listed this bird as Gilded Flicked and ebird classified it as rare so I would like a second opinion. From 8/2 along Oak Creek in Cornville which is near Cottonwood. 2) From 8/6 in the same location. 30 feet up in the canopy near the creek. There were plenty of Summer Tanagers around but I thought this looked like Hepatic. Thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Hello. All these were taken between 7/31 and 8/5 around the town of Cottonwood in Arizona. After looking at my photos I think they all look like Black-chinned. All of these locations also had Anna's listed as common and several others as more remote possibilities. Opinions? 1) 7/31 Near Oak Creek in the town of Cornville. 2) 8/1 In the town of Jerome at the state park. 3) 8/2 at the visitor's center in Red Rocks State Park. 4) 8/3 at the Gold Mine Ghost Town outside of Jerome. 5) 8/5 at the picnic area for Montezuma's Well State Park. Thanks!
  7. I wanted to throw my $.02 in on this since I have been having similar situations. When we do out of state family vacation time my "birding" is hiking someplace with 3 kids that don't want to stand around while dad stakes out some bushes for 15 minutes. If I hear or see something I do a quick check with binoculars. If I can see the bird and I can't identify it I will go for some quick photos. If I can hear the bird, and not see it, and I do not recognize it then I do a recording with birdnet. I save the recordings and use the analyze feature later when the kids are in bed and I can use wifi. If birdnet gives me a result of something I did not see that day then I will start digging deeper. I can email the recording to myself and use the birdnet website which is better than the app. If I am still getting a 100% from birdnet for a bird I did not see and it sounds good comparing it to sounds on Macaulay I will check ebird to see if the bird was seen recently at that location. I just did this for Green-tailed Towhee near Fort Collins: Got good recording -> birdnet gave a 100% for Green-tailed Towhee when analyzed later -> To my ear it sounded correct comparing to online recordings -> This species had been seen at that location multiple times in the last week. It was not a life bird but I did put it on my checklist for that day.
  8. Taken on 7/17 in Larimer County at Devil's Backbone Natural Area. Photos of both birds taken from parking lot. Bird 1: 2 photos. Was always at the very top of the this tall dead tree. I called it Olive-sided in the field but I am not sure at all now Bird 2: 2 photos. Was down in a little gulley on a tree branch. Thanks!
  9. Looks spot on for an adult female.
  10. Recorded on 7/14/21 at Fossil Creek Natural Area in Larimer County. It was on the east path from the parking lot through a prarie area with knee high dense foliage and then grasses above maybe 3 feet high. This bird was very close to me on the path. There was also Lark Sparrow, Western Kingbird, Grasshopper Sparrow, and House Finch nearby. Birdnet keeps giving me Ash-throated Flycatcher or Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin. The former would be unusual and the latter is impossible. I can't imagine an Ash-throated Flycatcher was hidden down in 18 inches of scrub. Any ideas of something else I could investigate? This is not my normal birding area and I would guess I am overlooking some possibility. I am going to try to put some short recordings here all taken in the same spot. Turn the volume up.
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