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  1. I think 2nd bird looks like Savannah with that pink bill and lighter chest streaking.
  2. I have been using the the birdnet website since this summer and it is often helpful in situations like this to get some ideas on what you hear. I can not replace an experienced birder but it can help. I have tested it with quite a few birds that I have seen while vocalizing and then posted the recordings. It is pretty good. The only major whiff I can remember is a very clear Marsh Wren recording (recorded while I was watching the wren) that it failed to identify. Background noise and wind can really throw it off. I uploaded the recording from this thread and received a number
  3. I think this looks good for a pure ABDU. Thoughts? 11/15 in a harbor on Lake Michigan in Chicago.
  4. Over 100,000 on 3 different warbler species? I can't imagine trying to process this in the field.
  5. Today at a cemetery in Chicago. Was flying back and forth to a perch about 2 feet off the ground. Was flying into a thick tangle to grab prey. All the same bird. Acadian? DSC08303r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC08297r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC08290r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks
  6. In the 3rd photo the middle bird shows dark coloration on the leading edge of the folded wing. Gotta be Sanderling.
  7. Looks like a perfect Vesper. Eye ring, face pattern, leg color all look right.
  8. Today in Chicago. Both the same bird. DSC08157r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC08152r by Mark Ross, on Flickr
  9. An unexpected surprise at the beach this morning: BBSA! DSC07959r - Buff-breasted Sandpiper by Mark Ross, on Flickr
  10. This is from 8/5 at Lory state park on the trail up to Arthur's Rock. In the clip you can clearly hear the bird. You can also hear me breathing as I am not use to mountain hiking. The bird was repeatedly making this same vocalization quite loudly for at least 5 minutes continuously. Thanks for any suggestion.
  11. From 8/24 in a swampy area near the Lake Michigan beach. The were foraging together. 1)DSC07806r by Mark Ross, on Flickr 2)DSC07804r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks
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