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  1. The head is at an angle so it is tough to judge exactly how long the bill is, but I think this looks good for LEYE.
  2. The tail looks too long for a WEWA. I do not have a good suggestion though. Maybe Chipping Sparrow?
  3. 1 Indigo Bunting Female I think. 2 Eastern Towhee 3 Northern Waterthrush 4 and 5 Great-crested Flycatcher Feel free to correct me.
  4. Leaning Northern but the legs stood out as very pinkish and a plain throat. What say you? This morning in Chicago.
  5. Coopers? Just to stir the pot.
  6. If I saw that in the field with the red on the bill I would call it common.
  7. This morning at my local cemetery in Chicago. There was a Blue-headed Vireo nearby. Thanks!
  8. Kentucky Warbler. Well worth a little birding in light rain after work to get this lifer.
  9. Seems like Orange-crowned fits.
  10. Hey, 2 Questions. 1) This was taken east of of Marco at the 10,000 Island NWR observation tower off of route 41. Any hope for these Dowitchers? It is a freshwater area. 2) No photo. A couple of times at dawn on the southern tip of the Marco Island beach I say some birds fly in off of the ocean and disappear into the small palm trees and low shrubs of the hotel on the southwest tip of the island. At first I thought they were Fish Crows but they were not as dark and a little smaller. They did not have fingers on they wings. The wings were perfectly perpendicular to the body. I never got a photo. Any Ideas?
  11. Don't think I will ever get in the top ten. Only at 199 species at this spot. Gotta step up my game.
  12. Not sure how rare these are including their Caribbean range, but their range in the US is a tiny sliver of south Florida. I did know what they were when I spotted them. My best bird by far from spring break on Marco Island. White-crowned Pigeon.
  13. The buff colored area on the breast with the fine dark streaks distinctive.
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