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  1. Hello, I posted some photos a few days ago from this same group of birds. This is a different photo than the ones posted earlier. 4/3 near St. Augustine Beach Florida. I think I see rufous crown and ear coverts. I do have very little experience picking these apart from SESA so am not quite sure. Thanks.
  2. Thank you AlexHenry and Trevor L. I got a little confused when they were all mixed in together. Wanted to double check.
  3. These were taken on 3/28 at Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve. It is just north of St. Augustine. There were plenty of warblers and vireos in the area. I wonder if I could nail these down. 1) Waterthrush?Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve 2 and 3) Don't have any idea about these two birds. Photos taken a few seconds apart. DSC09332r.jpg 290 kb · Done DSC09333r.jpg 293 kb · Done
  4. These shorebirds are from 4/3 in Anastasia State Park. Great birding location. 1) Semipalmated Sandpiper? 2) Western Sandpiper? 3) Dunlin? All in the same large group of shorebirds. Thanks.
  5. The brownish back indicates female. I don't think there are any immature males at this time of year.
  6. If they are in the same photo so close should we not see a size difference if there were a mix of lesser and greater? Not an expert, just asking.
  7. 1st photo Sanderling and Least Sandpipers 2nd and 3rd photos are Black-bellied Plovers.
  8. The first looks like an eclipse mallard. It looks very dark though. Thoughts? These photos were taken on 1/13/21 in the north shore channel. ( 2 photos) The gull photos were taken 2/21/21 on the lakefront. In the last photo I left in the RBGU for comparison. Many, many more photos available. Thanks.
  9. That thick submoustachial stripe is a good indicator. That is the dark stripe on either side of the white throat.
  10. I think 2nd bird looks like Savannah with that pink bill and lighter chest streaking.
  11. I have been using the the birdnet website since this summer and it is often helpful in situations like this to get some ideas on what you hear. I can not replace an experienced birder but it can help. I have tested it with quite a few birds that I have seen while vocalizing and then posted the recordings. It is pretty good. The only major whiff I can remember is a very clear Marsh Wren recording (recorded while I was watching the wren) that it failed to identify. Background noise and wind can really throw it off. I uploaded the recording from this thread and received a number
  12. I think this looks good for a pure ABDU. Thoughts? 11/15 in a harbor on Lake Michigan in Chicago.
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