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  1. Thanks for the confirm on BLGR. TBN thanks for identifying the House Wrens, I should have known that one.
  2. 7/28/19 at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site near St. Louis. Female Blue Grosbeak? DSC09958r by Mark Ross, on Flickr 7/27/19 at Illini State Park in north central Illinois along the Illinois River. There were 3 of these birds in 3 different trees near the river. They were all singing at about 6 AM. About 20 feet off the ground. Never saw any of them. Any guesses? I have listened to the recordings of all the common birds I can think of for this area and I am drawing a blank. https://clyp.it/3r43n1eq Thanks.
  3. All from 7/13 at Fern Ridge Wildlife Area west of Eugene. I do not know these 3 ducks. DSC09634r ducks by Mark Ross, on Flickr Here is a closeup of the one on the right. DSC09634r duck r1 by Mark Ross, on Flickr Pied-billed grebe? DSC09659r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Not sure. (3 photos) DSC09666r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC09664r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC09662r by Mark Ross, on Flickr This last one I only saw at quite a distance and it never moved. Is it a decoy of some type? DSC09717r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks!
  4. Bump. Not a black bird. That is as far as I will go.
  5. In the second photo you can see the chestnut colored "shoulder" patch.
  6. Blah, Doesn't my desire for it to be Acadian count for anything?
  7. 6/24 at Hegewich Marsh on the south side of Chicago. This bird was only a foot off the ground exhibiting typical fly and return flycatcher behavior. I think Acadian based on the very clear long primary extension. I also think everything else fits with the details from this fabulous document I will once again post: Flycatcher document Here are 4 photos of this bird. This is a bird I have been trying to get photos of for quite a while. What do you think? DSC09263r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC09269r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC09250r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC09251r by Mark Ross, on Flickr
  8. The vest on an OSFL is really dark. Also, in the first photo if it was OSFL one of the white flank spots at the base of the back would be showing.
  9. What a spectacular photo for the first hawk. I agree with Ferruginous . The 2nd hawk I think is right. The 3rd hawk was a little confusing for me. It seems dark-morph birds have no white bib.
  10. I don't know about determining sex. It is a TUTI though.
  11. Any other Titmouse would be quite far out of range.
  12. Looking at my Nat. Geo. guide I think you have first summer Roseate Tern. The lack of a dark carpal bar (should be visible at roughly 'shoulder' location when at rest) differentiates from Common Tern.
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