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  1. More from 8/5 at Lory State Park. 1) Sage Thrasher? DSC06949r Sage Thrasher by Mark Ross, on Flickr 2) 2 photos. Is this good enough for Olive-sided? DSC06942r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC06941r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks
  2. Any suggestions on how I should put this in ebird? As Chat with the photo? Thanks.
  3. Seen 8/5 in Lory State Park on the Arthur's Rock trail. (Where we also found 2 rattlesnakes on the trail, my kids will never forgive me. At least they got a good story out of it.) It was on a dry hillside low to the ground in a bush. I looked through all the birds listed in the "Birds of Lory State Park" flyer I got at the ranger station and can not figure it out. DSC06892r by Mark Ross, on Flickr
  4. Taken 8/3 at Horsetooth Falls trail west of Fort Collins. Habitat was sagebrush hills. Very dry. I could hear this sparrow making very faint chip calls. It was sitting on a low bush about 1 foot high. I was photographing upward from lower down the hill. I think it looks like a Grasshopper Sparrow. What do the pros say? DSC06766r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC06762r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks
  5. Today in Chicago. Does the bill look a bit long for Solitary? DSC06500r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC06493r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks.
  6. Looks like a Trail's Flycatcher with moderate primary projection and a weak eyering. Trail's includes Willow and Alder and they are almost impossible to tell apart without hearing them vocalize. In June both are in Illinois.
  7. It looks like a Song Sparrow to me with the dark malar stripe and white throat.
  8. I added it to my ebird checklist as duck sp and added photos. Thanks for all responses.
  9. Always looking for SSHA. What do you think? DSC06004r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC05987r by Mark Ross, on Flickr
  10. Here a couple more photos: DSC06043r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC06029r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks for all the input.
  11. From 7/17 (Friday) in Chicago. 1) 2 pics. I did not look twice at this duck assuming Mallard. Showed up in the background of other photos. DSC06032r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC06030r by Mark Ross, on Flickr 2) Semipalmated? DSC06052r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks!
  12. That is a Barn Swallow with the long tail giving away the identity.
  13. BTW, today in Chicago. It is irritating when people forget this info and I forgot it myself. Sorry.
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