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  1. The broken eye ring might be a photo artifact. Occam's razor might apply here.
  2. I will bump this. I looked through my Gull book and got nothing. Maybe someone else can help.
  3. 10/11 at Montrose Beach in Chicago Rusty Blackbird? DSC01644r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC01640r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks
  4. All from 10/5 Near Lake Michigan. 1) Orange-Crowned? DSC01518r by Mark Ross, on Flickr 2) Pretty sure this is Nashville. DSC01509r by Mark Ross, on Flickr 3) Orange-Crownded? Maybe the same bird as 4? DSC01491r by Mark Ross, on Flickr 4) Orange Crownded? DSC01471r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks!
  5. OMG My heart skipped a beat when I thought pweet had returned. Unfortunately it was a year old post. 😫
  6. The 2nd is a Wood Duck and I will bump for the sandpiper although I suspect that is right also.
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