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  1. Any other Titmouse would be quite far out of range.
  2. Looking at my Nat. Geo. guide I think you have first summer Roseate Tern. The lack of a dark carpal bar (should be visible at roughly 'shoulder' location when at rest) differentiates from Common Tern.
  3. 6/13 in Chicago. This bird was singing in a clump of branches about 4 feet above my head. Here is the best photo: DSC09173r by Mark Ross, on Flickr I also recorded audio. The song is at the 10 second mark. https://clyp.it/qe2hx01q There was a song sparrow nearby. This does not sound like song sparrow to me even though the size would be about right. Thanks
  4. Hi Mary, You can upload your sound clip to and external website like this. Then post a link to it here.
  5. 6/1 on the lakefront in Chicago. Photos taken while I was watching my daughter's soccer game. I think this is a good ID. Opinions? DSC09017r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC09009r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC09006r by Mark Ross, on Flickr
  6. All in Chicago Bird 1: Photo taken on 5/30. Immature Baltimore Oriole? Did this bird hatch this year already? DSC08956r by Mark Ross, on Flickr DSC08961r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Bird 2: 5/30 Flycatcher very low to the ground. Looking at weak eye ring, wing bars that are not very bold, medium beak, and medium primary projection(?) I would call this Trail's I guess. DSC08983r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Bird 3: 5/19 Flycatcher low to the ground. I know what I think it looks like with a large beak, bold eye ring and long primary projection. Any opinions? DSC08699r by Mark Ross, on Flickr Thanks
  7. According to this map from Cornell there have been a few sightings in Western Europe but none close to Romania. However, the photos do look like very similar to SESA from my viewpoint.
  8. Yep, SPSA for sure. The spotted underparts are unique.
  9. I will bump this since the problem with the video is resolved. I can hear the bird just fine but can not identify it.
  10. I did not think I had another photo of this one but it turns out I was wrong. I think this is the view that probably nails it down as Yellow-bellied. DSC08857r by Mark Ross, on Flickr
  11. Taken 5/26 at Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago. DSC08858r by Mark Ross, on Flickr I have been through this really excellent document trying to nail this one down. Due to crown shape and forehead angle I want to say Acadian. Am I off base? Thanks
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