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  1. All from 9/5 at Mcginnis Slough in the south suburbs of Chicago. It is a very large retention pond with quite a bit of vegetation around the perimeter. 1) Mallard up front, Ruddy Ducks behind. 2) Wood Duck up front. The rest Blue-winged Teal? 3) Blue-winged Teal and a Gadwall? 4) Same group as in photo #3. Thanks!
  2. Thanks all. I have been looking for this bird at my local hotspot for a while now. Glad to finally get it.
  3. 8/15/21 in Wisconsin Dells near the river. 1) Cowbird? 2) No guess. 3) Pine Warbler? 4) 2 photos. Golden-crowned Kinglet? 5) Pine Warbler again? 6) Willow Flycatcher? Thanks!
  4. Taken on 8/15/21 in Wisconsin Dells by the river. 1) Blackburnian right? 2) 5 photos of this bird so I could include tail shots. I am at a loss. Thanks!
  5. Hello. 2 birds in question. 1) I listed this bird as Gilded Flicked and ebird classified it as rare so I would like a second opinion. From 8/2 along Oak Creek in Cornville which is near Cottonwood. 2) From 8/6 in the same location. 30 feet up in the canopy near the creek. There were plenty of Summer Tanagers around but I thought this looked like Hepatic. Thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Hello. All these were taken between 7/31 and 8/5 around the town of Cottonwood in Arizona. After looking at my photos I think they all look like Black-chinned. All of these locations also had Anna's listed as common and several others as more remote possibilities. Opinions? 1) 7/31 Near Oak Creek in the town of Cornville. 2) 8/1 In the town of Jerome at the state park. 3) 8/2 at the visitor's center in Red Rocks State Park. 4) 8/3 at the Gold Mine Ghost Town outside of Jerome. 5) 8/5 at the picnic area for Montezuma's Well State Park. Thanks!
  7. I wanted to throw my $.02 in on this since I have been having similar situations. When we do out of state family vacation time my "birding" is hiking someplace with 3 kids that don't want to stand around while dad stakes out some bushes for 15 minutes. If I hear or see something I do a quick check with binoculars. If I can see the bird and I can't identify it I will go for some quick photos. If I can hear the bird, and not see it, and I do not recognize it then I do a recording with birdnet. I save the recordings and use the analyze feature later when the kids are in bed and I can use wifi. If birdnet gives me a result of something I did not see that day then I will start digging deeper. I can email the recording to myself and use the birdnet website which is better than the app. If I am still getting a 100% from birdnet for a bird I did not see and it sounds good comparing it to sounds on Macaulay I will check ebird to see if the bird was seen recently at that location. I just did this for Green-tailed Towhee near Fort Collins: Got good recording -> birdnet gave a 100% for Green-tailed Towhee when analyzed later -> To my ear it sounded correct comparing to online recordings -> This species had been seen at that location multiple times in the last week. It was not a life bird but I did put it on my checklist for that day.
  8. Taken on 7/17 in Larimer County at Devil's Backbone Natural Area. Photos of both birds taken from parking lot. Bird 1: 2 photos. Was always at the very top of the this tall dead tree. I called it Olive-sided in the field but I am not sure at all now Bird 2: 2 photos. Was down in a little gulley on a tree branch. Thanks!
  9. Looks spot on for an adult female.
  10. Recorded on 7/14/21 at Fossil Creek Natural Area in Larimer County. It was on the east path from the parking lot through a prarie area with knee high dense foliage and then grasses above maybe 3 feet high. This bird was very close to me on the path. There was also Lark Sparrow, Western Kingbird, Grasshopper Sparrow, and House Finch nearby. Birdnet keeps giving me Ash-throated Flycatcher or Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin. The former would be unusual and the latter is impossible. I can't imagine an Ash-throated Flycatcher was hidden down in 18 inches of scrub. Any ideas of something else I could investigate? This is not my normal birding area and I would guess I am overlooking some possibility. I am going to try to put some short recordings here all taken in the same spot. Turn the volume up.
  11. In Chicago we had a YCNH in the spring that stayed a while but it is gone. AMBI are pretty rare. BCNH pretty common. Large breeding population at Lincoln Park Zoo.
  12. Taken on 5/25 on the lakefront in Chicago. All the same bird.
  13. 5/26/21 at the lakefront in Chicago. Was hunting in thicket of skinny trees staying between 2 and 4 feet off the ground. It looked even greener to me in the field. Bright wing bars. Long primary projection. What do you think?
  14. 20 feet up in the local cemetery. Thanks.
  15. Agree. I am hoping to get my FOY today.
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