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  1. From today in my local cemetery in Chicago. There were 2 of these birds foraging together so I am not sure the photos are of the same individual. Bird 2: Any suggestions on this audio? birdnet_mobile_2340026484_recording_5794.wav Thanks.
  2. I can believe that. There were plenty around and they were always making noise.
  3. Any thoughts on this. It an area with tall trees and thick brush near Lake Superior on 8/9/22. birdnet_mobile_2340026484_recording_5699 unknown warbler.wav Thanks.
  4. From 8/12/22 1) 2 photos. On the beach of Lake Superior. Semipalmated? The legs look dark to me. 2) Stilt Sandpiper? In a marshy are a bit inland. Thanks.
  5. From 8-10-22 in Au Train, Michigan. Near Lake Superior. 1) Good for Raven? 2) Yellow-rumped Warbler????? Thanks.
  6. OMG. I almost deleted the crossbill photo because I suspected it was a starling. LIFE BIRD!!!!
  7. 2 birds from Colorado. Bird 1: Seen 7/12/22 at Devil's Backbone Natural Area in the foothills west of Fort Collins, CO. Female Blue Grossbeak? 5 photos. Bird 2: Single photo. Taken 7/11/22 in Rocky Mountain National Park. Thanks.
  8. Any other opinions on the sandpiper? Here is a slightly different angle.
  9. Yep. I have forgotten about this juvenile in the past. Thanks.
  10. From this morning at Montrose. Bird 1: Sanderling? Bird 2: I am sure I have seen this before but I am drawing a blank. Thanks.
  11. These are from the Well Gulch Nature Trail in Lory State Park west of Fort Collins. It is a shaded, rocky stream in the foothills. Bird 1: Juvenile warbling vireo? Bird 2: 2 photos. Juvenile Lazuli Bunting? Thanks!
  12. All at the Fossil Creek Natural Area in Fort Collins. Big pond with trees around the edge and then knee high prairie grass around that. Bird 1: There were plenty of Common Grackles about but I thought this looked different. Bird 2: Sage Thrasher? Original photo and a crop. Bird 3: A flock or 18 of these birds flitted about the grassland area. Down in the grass for a few minutes then hopping to a new spot. If it was Chicago I would call them starlings. Ignore the WEKI in the first photo. Thanks.
  13. There is a large group of them that nest every year above the wolf exhibit. Keeps the raccoons away!
  14. 7/16/22 at Bobcat Ridge Natural Area west of Fort Collins. Grassy foothills with sporadic trees. All the same bird. I lightened one of the photos. Brewer's? Thanks.
  15. Greetings, Recordings are from yesterday (7/1) at a swampy location on the far south end of Chicago. I was standing about 5 feet from whatever was repeatedly making this noise. It was on a little gravel hill covered with roughly 10 inches of thick brush. I could see something move a couple of times in the brush but never got any kind of look at the actual noise maker. Any suggestions of something I could investigate? Thanks. birdnet_mobile_2340026484_recording_4775.wav birdnet_mobile_2340026484_recording_4776.wav
  16. I never thought I would get a good look at a Henslow's Sparrow let alone a good photo. Until Yesterday.
  17. From my local cemetery in Chicago. 18 seconds between the two recordings. birdnet_mobile_2340026484_recording_4367.wav birdnet_mobile_2340026484_recording_4369.wav Thanks
  18. This swallow was very close a Bank Swallow colony and there were Bank Swallows flying all around. Wondering if this might be a juvenile. Would normally call this a NRWS. Thanks.
  19. Red-tailed Hawk for sure. Belly band and dark area on the underside of the front of the wing are good marks.
  20. I can bump and verify a Dunlin in photo 1. And......that's all I got.
  21. All in Chicago on 5/21. I thought they all had long primary projection. Was searching for an Acadian. Thanks. Bird 1: 2 photos Bird 2: 1 photo Bird 3: 1 photo
  22. The head is at an angle so it is tough to judge exactly how long the bill is, but I think this looks good for LEYE.
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