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  1. Probably just another red-tailed hawk, I'm just feeling unsure because it was so white that I did a double-take. the head had a stark red contrast. Just looking for some confirmation. taken today in Salem Oregon.
  2. I realized that people probably do not want to down load an attachment so I made a youtube link:
  3. You'll have to turn the volume up, it is a quiet recording. It is at about 7 seconds and again at 13 seconds.
  4. I have heard this bird call in both Oregon and Washington, both during the summer months, but have yet been unable to place it. Can anyone id this? Bird.amr
  5. Took these pictures on the Oregon coast a few weeks ago. I think I have a Heermann's gull - which would be a life lister for me so looking for confirmation. Here is what I see from left to right: Mew Gull(juvenile), Western Gull(or olympic gull), Western Gull, and Heermann's Gull. The pictures are the same birds just slightly different angles.
  6. Thanks for the help. I did not even think of common yellow throat at the time, but now looking at it I think ya'll are right. Also, I am going with with marsh wren for #3 because I was infact ankle-deep in a very large marsh with tall grass and catails at the time.
  7. What kind of hummingbird? Taken last week in Central Oregon. I think it is either a rufous or a broadtailed. (tiny chance it is an Allens). Also, why? help me understand so I can get better.
  8. Taken in Central Orego last week. My first guess was an Orange-crowned Warbler but it was making a noise that was different from the recordings on iBird or Sibleys. Photos unprocess so they all have different exposure, but I am pretty sure it was the same bird, I just walked around the bush from the sunny side to the shady side.
  9. I was way off. Thanks Psweet. Anyone confirm?
  10. I took these in San Diego along the "mile of birds." I highly recommend it, saw lots of birds, but my lens was not quite long enough for really good pictures. I need a little help identifying and confirming a few #1 ? #2 ? (it was faily small) #3 Willet? #4, #5 Yellow Legs - I think I might have finally found a Lesser Yellow Legs. #6 Least Sandpiper? www.flickr.com/photos/164828095@N05/albums/72157698027765701
  11. I took these four pictures of Plovers near San Diego. I cannot decern them using my apps. #2 and #3 look the same. Any insight you can give me to help me learn Plovers would be great. www.flickr.com/photos/164828095@N05/albums/72157693855240500
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