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  1. or just MALL? Seen in Newfoundland, Canada in September. Two individuals pictured.
  2. No, I can't confirm an ID, but I can say it's not an Egyptian Goose. The colors aren't right, plus it's missing the classic eye ring and the bulky size.
  3. I'm going through some old photos and found these blurry west coast cormorants. Are they identifiable and all the same species?
  4. thanks for the advice, I didn't know about Bird Forums
  5. Namibia - March, grassy, thorny area. 1 & 2 (same bird) might be a black-throated canary (more photos available) #3 Might be a yellow canary? Or could be an immature weaver? The best I can do on #4 is passer sp.
  6. Looks like an Osprey to me
  7. This guy was hanging out with other Egyptian Geese in Namibia. The head coloration seems a bit off, but I can't figure out what else it might be
  8. This was taken in Newfoundland, Canada in September. Maybe a young ring-billed? But I really don't know Mallard for scale
  9. This was taking in the UK- Port of Dover. Gulls are really not my strong suit. Thanks in advance!
  10. Help with with some ducks, please. Taken in Newfoundland, Canada. I see Mallards, but what are the white-breasted ones on the lefthand side?
  11. NamBird

    Adim's Stork

    Etosha 2020
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