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  1. common tern, Walvis Bay sunbird sp., Windhoek
  2. A ruckus under the acacias (Violet/Green Woodhoopoes)
  3. I love seeing African birds here--it gives me something to actually answer. Yes, this bird looks very good for a Southern Grey Headed Sparrow as mentioned above
  4. Hi, These were taken at the Port of Ensenada in Baja. I know I'm looking at some western gulls, but is there anything else pictured? --many thanks!
  5. Okay, North American birds aren't my specialty but let me just throw out Northern Gannet. I also struggle to see this as a gull but think the Gannet might match the OP's description a bit better than a petrel.
  6. This is a female Village Weaver with that dark bill and red eye.
  7. Agreed--I think we can be reasonably confident that this is a Hooded Vulture. Even backlit to hell, a Cape Griffon shouldn't be that dark. Then, when you factor it the long curved bill, I'm comfortable calling this as Hooded.
  8. Jumping into the threat after a long time. This is a female/non-breeding Southern Masked Weaver
  9. Agree with the other comments: I think your drab birds are Swainson's/Parrot-billed Sparrows. Though the bill in the middle picture is throwing me a bit...it has a fiscal quality that I can't quite place.
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