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  1. I suppose it could be Ploceus, but the structure doesn't feel right... It feels bulkier that most weavers
  2. Sorry, as you probably suspect, this photo is too difficult to tell much. It's hard to get a sense of the colouration vs. light and even the general shape seems suspect (is it fluffed up?). I'm not hugely familiar with East African birds (though there is considerable overlap with southern Africa where I'm based), but I'm gonna say this one is stuck at passerine sp. The people at BirdForum are great with African birds, but be warned, they can seem a bit mean spirited at times.
  3. I found another photo. Not sure if it adds anything of value.
  4. Hi, On a recent trip to the US, I saw this individual in New Orleans, LA. I initially wrote it off as a colour aberration, but I just noticed the vibrant leg colour as well. I'm now wondering if this bird should be reported as an x on the eBird list? Thanks!
  5. Hi, How should I report these two domestics on eBird? One is Greylag, right? Is the white one a Domestic Swan Goose?
  6. The audio seems not to have uploaded properly. I'm trying again - it can also be found here: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/135331971
  7. Hi, I was in New Orleans yesterday and heard this crow that didn't sound like a crow as I know it. I've uploaded the audio and a photo, could this be a Fish Crow? 2022-09-16 1153.wav
  8. common tern, Walvis Bay sunbird sp., Windhoek
  9. A ruckus under the acacias (Violet/Green Woodhoopoes)
  10. I love seeing African birds here--it gives me something to actually answer. Yes, this bird looks very good for a Southern Grey Headed Sparrow as mentioned above
  11. Hi, These were taken at the Port of Ensenada in Baja. I know I'm looking at some western gulls, but is there anything else pictured? --many thanks!
  12. Okay, North American birds aren't my specialty but let me just throw out Northern Gannet. I also struggle to see this as a gull but think the Gannet might match the OP's description a bit better than a petrel.
  13. This is a female Village Weaver with that dark bill and red eye.
  14. Agreed--I think we can be reasonably confident that this is a Hooded Vulture. Even backlit to hell, a Cape Griffon shouldn't be that dark. Then, when you factor it the long curved bill, I'm comfortable calling this as Hooded.
  15. Jumping into the threat after a long time. This is a female/non-breeding Southern Masked Weaver
  16. Agree with the other comments: I think your drab birds are Swainson's/Parrot-billed Sparrows. Though the bill in the middle picture is throwing me a bit...it has a fiscal quality that I can't quite place.
  17. Hi everyone, Walvis Bay, Namibia: Last Week I don't have much experience with Palearctic terns, but hopefully someone on this forum can help. I think this bird is an Arctic Tern (Common Tern being the only other viable option) due to the white rump and underwing pattern. They are in range in Walvis Bay, but rare (probably under-reported as Common Terns) so I'd like to get some opinions before posting it to eBird many thanks!
  18. This looks to be a domestic variety of a Muscovy Duck, perhaps with some other duck genes in the mix https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Muscovy_Duck/overview
  19. I don't really know Zim birds, but I've seen a lot of FTDRs. I'm not getting that vibe here. I agree with Trevor L. that the Southern Black Flycatcher is the best match, but would probably ultimately leave it unidentified.
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