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  1. Incredible! Thank you each so much for your help. Ospreys are now one of my new favorite birds! The way they can completely submerge under water when catching a fish, then fly right back into the sky is stunning. I've watched so many videos now of the way they hunt, I'd love to see it in person one day.
  2. I recently stayed at a cabin in Paris Tennessee, and saw this large hawk-like bird above the large lake. The area is in the middle of the woods as well, in February, about midday. It seems to have a white head with a dark crown and around its eyes, and a solid white stomach with a bit of darker speckles on the chest. Unfortunately these are the best photos I have to share, even with my macro camera lens. Most search results came up with an Osprey? I know next to nothing about birds, but this fella just looks so beautiful, any help in identifying what kind it is would be appreciated!
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