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  1. Saw this bird on southern California coast last week. There are some Orange-crowned Warblers in the area but this does not match the description or photos in iBirdPro for that species. Looks like it may be a finch but again nothing in iBirdPro matches.
  2. This bird was seen on the Pacific coast in southern California at La Jolla. Can't find a match using iBirdPro.
  3. Duck seen this morning at Lake Hodges in So. Cal. Was in the company of a male mallard. Is this a female mallard?
  4. I always have trouble with sparrows, but this bill does not look like a sparrow. I can't find a good match. See along the shore of Lake Hodges in Southern California. The color out of the camera looks a bit cool to me so there is a second one that is warmer and may be a better color representation.
  5. These birds were perched together in the grasslands of So. Cal near Ramona. I thought the first one was a cowbird but its beak does not match. The second may be some type of sparrow but I cannot find a match.
  6. I believe this is a Say's Phoebe (lots of them here) but I am a bit thrown off by the blue color. Taken near Lake Hodges in Southern California.
  7. House finch it is. Thanks for the ID.
  8. Seen in the Ramona Grasslands in SoCal. I think it's a Vesper Sparrow, but sparrows are my nemesis.
  9. This bird was seen in SoCal grasslands today. I think it is an immature white-crowned sparrow. Is that right?
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