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  1. Seen at Lake Hodges in Southern California. Is this a sandpiper? What kind?
  2. Bird seen in Southern California at a lake catching bugs. Thought it was a female Tree Swallow but it does not seem to fit.
  3. Seen at Lake Hodges in Southern California. I think it's a spotted sandpiper but it has no spots. Juvenile?
  4. Yes, a juvenile without the yellow throat. Thanks.
  5. Seen on the shore of Lake Hodges in southern California.
  6. At first I thought this was a sandpiper but could not find a fit. Looked at everything in in iBird Pro but could not find a fit. A female that does not show up in the top level search?
  7. Thanks! That's the second time I missed that ID.
  8. I always have trouble with sparrows. Seen on 8/21 in the Ramona Grasslands (Southern Cal).
  9. Saw this bird in the grasslands of southern California near Ramona today. It was swooping around close to the ground and appeared to be hunting until a raven chased it. I got a poor photo as it went into a tree to land. Never got a better look at it. I also include a blurry photo that shows its size relative to the raven. Sorry about the poor quality of the photos.
  10. I was sitting quietly on the edge of the lake at water level (got my butt wet) and the group of birds approached very close, within a few feet. If you sit quietly for long enough they get used to you. Then it was easy to get frame filling shots.
  11. Thanks everyone for the ID. No red neck threw me off, but this is non-breeding, which is a good match. Dave
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