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  1. Thanks for the ID. It looks like you are right.
  2. This bird was seen today in the grasslands near Ramona in Southern Cal. I assume it is a female. Does not seem to fit anything perfectly. Any ideas?
  3. This bird was seen in the Ramona Grasslands in Southern California yesterday. The bird was distant and the atmospheric conditions bad so the photo is poor. I believe it is a red-tailed hawk but I am not sure. Any ideas?
  4. I photographed this bird in the Ramona Grasslands in Southern California yesterday, 10/26. I did not get a good photo and the bird was facing away. Sorry. I can't find a match that has the yellow underneath and white stripes on the head. Any ideas??
  5. Thanks for the ID. Yes I have photos in that area of all the species you mention. I have not seen the Harris' for a while. He was apparently an escaped captive hawk.
  6. This bird was seen in early September in the Ramona grasslands in Southern California. I had ID'ed it as a red-tailed, but now I believe I may be wrong. There were multiple red-tailed hawks in the area that day, but other hawks are also often in the area.
  7. Thanks for the ID. We see domestic ducks often on the lakes in this area. I think the rule is if they are not identifiable as wild they are probably domestic. Also, these ducks were very comfortable with humans.
  8. I suspect these are immature mallards. iBird is weak in presenting information on female and immature characteristics of most birds. I have attached a few more photos. Some are very dark. Some have some green markings on their backs.
  9. This group of ducks was seen on Lake Hodges in southern California yesterday. Can't find an ID in iBird.
  10. Thanks for your reply. It seems that support for the iBird app is essentially nonexistent.
  11. When I updated iBird Ultimate to v12 the location peg disappeared. This makes the birds around me impossible to use. Anybody know how to recover it? i submitted two reports but no response of any kind.
  12. The following bird was seen in the grasslands of the Santa Ysabel East Preserve in Southern California. I estimate its size as 5-6". It was catching bugs and I did not get a very good photo. Dave
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