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  1. You may be right. What throws me off a bit is the white chin I see in iBird. This bird does not seem to have it.
  2. There was a flock of small birds flying close to the ground in the Ramona Grasslands in Southern California. They were mixed in with Mountain Bluebirds. They seemed to feeding on insects like the bluebirds. Small very fast birds that were also foraging on the ground. I believe they may be flycatchers but I cannot find a match.
  3. Thanks for the ID dred. I was afraid that may be answer.
  4. This duck was seen at Santee Lakes in Southern California a few days ago. Does not seem to match anything in iBird Ultimate.
  5. DC064


    Thanks for the ID. I never heard of domestic mallards. Googled it and now I know a bit more. Thanks. Dave
  6. DC064


    This duck was seen at Santee Lakes in Southern California near San Diego.
  7. Can't find this duck in either iBird Ultimate or the Crossley ID Guide Waterfowl.
  8. Thanks for the ID.
  9. Is this a least sandpiper? Seen at Lake Hodges in Southern California.
  10. DC064


    Thanks. The wing pattern threw me off.
  11. Bird seen in southern California, Dec 3, at a lake. Seems to be a dove but using iBird Ultimate I cannot find a dove with red eyes that matches.
  12. DC064

    Help ID a gull

    Yes, I think you have it. Thanks.
  13. DC064

    Help ID a gull

    Other photos seem to show yellow legs.
  14. Saw this bird at Lake Hodges in Southern California. Seems to be a gull but nothing I can find in iBird Ultimate matches. Black beak, red legs. What is it?