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  1. I always have trouble with sparrows, but this bill does not look like a sparrow. I can't find a good match. See along the shore of Lake Hodges in Southern California. The color out of the camera looks a bit cool to me so there is a second one that is warmer and may be a better color representation.
  2. These birds were perched together in the grasslands of So. Cal near Ramona. I thought the first one was a cowbird but its beak does not match. The second may be some type of sparrow but I cannot find a match.
  3. I believe this is a Say's Phoebe (lots of them here) but I am a bit thrown off by the blue color. Taken near Lake Hodges in Southern California.
  4. House finch it is. Thanks for the ID.
  5. Seen in the Ramona Grasslands in SoCal. I think it's a Vesper Sparrow, but sparrows are my nemesis.
  6. This bird was seen in SoCal grasslands today. I think it is an immature white-crowned sparrow. Is that right?
  7. Thanks everyone for the ID! I am surprised since the bird does not have a trace of vermilion and vermilion flycatchers are uncommon in this area. Maybe there are more and we misidentify them. It's great to have so many experts available via this site.
  8. It's a Hotspot in eBird. Look for "Ramona Grasslands Preserve". The hotspots "Ramona Grasslands--Old Survey Road 97" and "Rangeland Road" are also around the grasslands.
  9. This bird was photographed a few days ago in the Ramona Grasslands. I can't find a good fit in iBird Pro, but it may be a Western Wood-Pewee. Estimate its size at about 5".
  10. I am not sure what you mean by intergrades, but Red-shafted Northern Flickers are seen in this area.
  11. I did not get a good look at this bird, but I think it may be a Red-shafted Northern Flickr. Seen in the Ramona Grasslands in Southern California.
  12. FYI, Hal Cohen of Borrego Hawk Watch agrees.
  13. This bird was seen in the Ramona Grasslands in Southern California. I believe it is a juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk. I could not get a look at its back or tail.
  14. Seen in So. Ca. early September along side a lake feeding on dried seeds (not flys). Best ID I can make is Hammond's Flycatcher.
  15. Connor, I just took a look at your eBird profile. Very impressive! 376 species with photos, 92 with audio. Amazing! It's no wonder you don't need iBird to make ID's.
  16. Thanks Connor. I think you have it. I checked iBird Pro. If I select "Birds Around Me" and Habitat as "Grasslands", Western Bluebird is not listed. If I delete Grasslands it appears, but the illustration does not show a female or a young bird. The only way to find a match is to look at the photos, and there is one poor photo that sort of matches. iBird Pro needs work. Regardless, thanks for your help.
  17. Took this today, 8/16, in the Ramona Grasslands in So. Cal. Need help with the ID. Can't find a match in iBird Pro. I suspect it is a female and iBird always shows the male making ID of females more difficult.
  18. Thanks for the help. I made an error in iBird. Used color buff instead of brown and that eliminated this bird.
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