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  1. Traveling for work through southern Utah, took just a few minutes to stop at Fire Lake Park outside St. George, UT. Took a few really bad and distant photos of what I thought were song sparrows at the time, but looking at them after the fact, there's some other stuff going on in the photos. I am really not confident when it comes to sparrows in general, and then there was a surprise mixed in, so help would definitely be appreciated! 1. Savannah sparrow? 2. Lighter chest with a big spot, maybe this is actually a song sparrow? (Or another savannah and just different look from the other
  2. Yes, definitely bigger than a pygmy and smaller than a great horned owl. Size-wise I think Barn Owl fits best. This was in a suburban neighborhood near a park and school with large trees and open spaces, but definitely not "wilderness" habitat by any stretch. Regarding the barring on the underside of the wings, looking at a few photos of Barn Owls in flight like this one, https://carolinabirds.org/People/Benjamint444LG/Owl,-Australian_Masked_Benjamint444c.jpg, I think it's possible that if what I saw was a very dark colored Barn Owl, the markings on the underside of the wings might have
  3. Was out on a night walk in Lakewood, CA (So. Cal.) and was taken by surprise when I flushed a raptor out of a short tree along the road. When it passed under a street light I got a glimpse of rapidly-beating fairly rounded wings with heavy barring on the underside and figured it might be an owl. It landed on a telephone wire in a neighbor's backyard and I hastily took some terrible photos with my cellphone. I wasn't able to see much more (because I didn't want to wander up to my neighbor's backyard), but it appeared that the bird had a very dark back with a paler face. I have seen Great-Horned
  4. Awesome, thanks everyone! A hidden lifer for me! 🤩
  5. Hope I'm not posting too much, but been going back over some older photos from my time in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas and noticed that this photo, which I had labelled as yellow-headed parrots, might actually have yellow-headed parrots and something else... Is it possible that the circled bird (circled because my cellphone photo quality leaves, uh, a lot to be desired! 😅) is a red-crowned parrot instead? Thanks for any help!
  6. Went back to Cabrillo Beach in Los Angeles County today to try to get better looks at the Little Blue Heron (unfortunately did not see it), but I did spot this sparrow. Is it possible--did I maybe finally see a Fox Sparrow? Also saw a very pale gull--immature Glaucous-Winged Gull? Thanks for any help!
  7. Thanks guys! Going to try to go back this weekend and hopefully get some better pictures if its still around... 😅
  8. A white Little Blue Heron was reported at Cabrillo Beach Park in LA County, CA, so I went over to check it out. The saltmarsh area was locked, but I noticed a white egret-ish bird on the veryyyyy far side. Unfortunately due to the distance the pictures are incredibly poor, but is there any chance the pictures might be just visible enough to tell whether this might be a Little Blue Heron instead of a Snowy Egret? (I tried sharpening one of the images online but I don't think the sharpened image is any easier to see, unfortunately.)
  9. Oh, that would explain why it didn't quite match for the sparrows I was looking at! Thanks!
  10. The photos are a bit bad, but I was wondering if anyone could help me identify this sparrow I saw at the West San Gabriel River Nature Trail in LA County, California. (Hopefully it turns out to be something other than "House Sparrow at a weird angle." 😅) Thank you!
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