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  1. Date: 4.3.21 Location: Ft Desoto Park, St. Pete FL Wilson's? Snowy? Wilson's? Semipalmated?
  2. Location - South of Lakeland FL Date - 3.30.21 I thought Savannah. What say you? Sorry for the poor lighting, neither the bird nor the sun were cooperating that day.
  3. Location: Sunny Lakes Bird Sanctuary in Ft Lauderdale FL Date: 3.32.21 Saw this parrot and took some quick pics, As I approached to get a closer/better look I glanced away for a moment and when I looked back it was gone. I'm from Orlando and my parrot/parakeet skills are weak. Any ideas?
  4. And the Alabama State Bird (also referred to as a Yellowhammer).
  5. That was my original thought. But why would a Mockingbird have pollen on its face? And wouldn't the pollen wash off over time? I have been seeing the yellow faced bird for over 2 weeks.
  6. Saw these two ducks along the side of the road in Okeechobee County, FL on 3.9.21. The dark duck appears to be a Mottled Duck, but I need help on the smaller white duck. It could be an escapee/exotic since it was seen the outside the fence of an exotic animal farm. Thoughts?
  7. I live in Orlando and a few weeks ago I took a picture of a Northern Mockingbird and later notice that it had a yellow face. I figured it was a stain from eating something. I have photographed this bird multiple time over the last 2 weeks and the "stain" is till there. Is it a stain? Is it genetic? Or is it a subspecies of which I'm unfamiliar? Just looking for some input!
  8. This duck was seen at Bald Point State Park in Florida on Feb, 16, 2021. Originally thought to be a Bufflehead due to the white on the cheek, but the beak is too large. Any suggestions?
  9. I'm not very tech savvy. How can I upload pics of an unidentified bird to my post?
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