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  1. Date:  Oct 10th, 2023

    Location: Marianna FL (Jackson County)

    Saw a warbler which has me a bit stumped.

    It had lightly streaked breast, two large oval white spots on the underside of the tail feathers and a yellow rump (think yellow-rumped, not palm). Of course, being fall migration it is rather nondescript, lacking any other defining features,


    Any thoughts?



  2. Are there any bird names that you would like to change? 

    For me it would be the LB Dowitcher and SB Dowitcher. Since the bill length of both birds overlap, both names are actually misnomers.

    What about Keek Dowitcher and Tutu Dowitcher?  Names that reflect each bird's call.  Also, it would make field ID a bit easier and cut down on misidentification.


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  3. Did you mean "Yellow-fronted Canary"?

    I look at pics of the Yellow-fronted Canary, but that's not what I saw.  Yellow did not extend over the eyes, and the bill wasn't that thick.  This bird was more vireo-like than finch-like.

    Thanks for everyone's opinions, I do appreciate them.  Looks like this will be the dreaded "bird sp" ID.

  4. Observed this bird today (9.21.21) in Bradenton Fl.  No photos but I did get 2 recordings.

    A Vireo/Warbler sized bird, overall yellow colored (not dull yellow or green). No wing bars, but wings and back were slightly darker. The area above the bill and between the eyes was bright yellow, but there were no yellow or white eye rings (or spectacles).  It also had a thin black malar stripe (mustache).

    Here are the two recordings.

    2021-09-21 0752.wav 2021-09-21 0756.wav

  5. I live in Orlando and a few weeks ago I took a picture of a Northern Mockingbird and later notice that it had a yellow face.  I figured it was a stain from eating something. I have photographed this bird multiple time over the last 2 weeks and the "stain" is till there.

    Is it a stain?

    Is it genetic?

    Or is it a subspecies of which I'm unfamiliar?


    Just looking for some input!


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